Play by Play-2005

Two new playgrounds are now available in Victoria -- sturdy, fun, and well designed with thoughts of parents as well as children in mind.  It took a while to get them, but they were worth the wait.  The equipment was approved by Victoria councilmembers for purchase on April 28th.  Construction began at the end of June.  The Lions Park playground opened to the public on August 1st, while the Diethelm Park playground opened on August 15th.  Mark Kaltsas of MK Land Corporation was initially the designer of the playground area and then also became the project manager.  Sidewalks, sod, and woodchips make the playground equipment even more inviting.

First we visited Lions Park where the spring-loaded teeter totter attracted our immediate attention.

Hi, Jenny and Addie Sue.

Gunnar and Grandma Sue got the giggles.

The Lions Park playground (also known as BigToy Sequoia) was a little too big for Addie, age 2 1/2.

There are also places to play below the platform structure.

The swings are just a step away, as are the tennis courts.

Grandpa Al found a baby swing for Gunnar.

Just hanging out with Grandpa.

Jenny convinced Miss Adeline that one of the baby swings was for big girls.

And big girls love underdogs, the higher the better!

Goodbye, Lions Park playground.  Now we're going to see what's up at Diethelm Park.

On first glance, this playground (which is called BigToy Legacy) doesn't seem much different than the playground at Lions Park

but it's a little more elaborate and includes this handring maze.

Torie Holman of Victoria thought this playground was super duper.  Notice the watchful fathers sitting and gossiping on the new benches.

In the same area is playground equipment (called Kompan Flow) for younger kids.  Notice the Victoria Field House in the background.

Addie (who has worn hats since she was born) liked this playground a lot.  Hi, Mitch Holman.

This playground  included a place for special activities with sand ...

and sand was found right next door.  Addie not only wears hats; she also wear bows and ribbons.

And what has Gunnar been doing all this while?

He's been keeping Grandpa Al happy ...

and posing for Grandma Sue.

How about one more for the road!

Let's make it two for the road!  Thank you, City of Victoria, for the wonderful playgrounds.

The End

Love, Sue