Pine Lake Pictures ~ 2007

Grandma Sue barely stepped out of the car and there they were!

Pine Lake is about five hours from Victoria but only five minutes from where daughter Jenny and her family live.  Thank you, Captain Chris, for the pontoon ride.  Hi, Sweet Adeline.

Hi, Jenny Lee and Little Gunnar at his mommy's side.  Nice cap.

Hi, Nick and Jenny Jo.

Parts of Pine Lake are very shallow.

There weren't any fish to be seen from this angle, but look at those curly heads!

Hey, Gunny, look at Grandma.

Hey, Addie, look at Mommy.

Looks like trouble is coming.

How about a dip, Nick?

Hi, Nick.  Hi, Jenny.  Hi, little fish.

Addie loves to jump off the diving board at swimming lessons..

Gunny loves to be squeezed.

And he squeezes back

Time to go fishing.  Nice boots.

Chris's sister Celia, who was visiting her Grandma Vi, stopped by and contributed to the catch.

Ever hear of Huckleberry Finn?

Learning from Uncle Nick and Grandpa Al how to filet sunnies.

Jenny and Chris put hamburgers and chicken on the grill for supper.

Addie gets squeezed by Great Grandma Vi Norgaard.  Vi is the mother of Vance and Robin.  Vance is the father of Christopher.  Robin is the owner of this cabin!  Thank you, Robin.  We loved it.

What a spread!  Thank you, Jenny.  Everything was delicious.

Gunny got up from his nap and found Great Grandma Vi right around the corner.

You can't have a picnic without sweet corn.

You can't have a dock without a fisherman.

One more pontoon ride before dark.

You can't be at the lake without a bonfire.

You can't be close to the Fourth of July without fireworks.  Nick brought a batch of rockets that were really fun and sparkly and LOUD.

The LOUD parts caught Gunny by surprise and he ran to his mommy in tears.  Little Addie with the good and tender heart ran over immediately to console her little brother.  Addie loves Gunny.

Good mommy.  Good kids.

In a few minutes, Gunny was saying, "One more, Nick!  One more, Nick!"

Nick obliged.  We didn't leave the fire until about 11 p.m.  Thank you, son, for the fireworks.

The next morning it rained and rained and then hailed, marble size, but not for too long.

Jenny said they already had 9 inches in the last few days, which is why the lawn couldn't drain right away.  It was fun to watch the rain.  It's been pretty in Victoria.

We all went to church that morning, in Bagley, then had breakfast at a restaurant with Grandma Vi and Celia.  Nick and Jenny Jo left right after church.  Allan and I hung around a while because the sun came out and it was a beautiful day for another pontoon ride.  Then we had to say goodbye too.

Thank you, kids, for everything.  Love you.