Peter's Resort-July 2004

It was just a short getaway for us to Peter's Resort, a groomed and well-landscaped place on Lake Minnewaska near Glenwood.  It was fun to hang out together with family.

Grandma's favorite picture.

Grandma's second favorite picture.

Red string licorice all around -- including for Daddy and Grandma Sue and Grandpa Al.

Steve took us boating.   It was a perfect afternoon for everything.

"Gampa" gets to hold Addie sometimes.

Thank you, Steve, for the boat ride.

Getting in the water was, well, interesting.

Addie's lips went "Brrrrr" so she sat with Grandma, and her mommy and daddy got wet.

Just bobbin' around.

Hi, little sister Nancy.  Where's you hat!

So sleepy.  Love your hat, Jenny.

So wide awake.  Addie with Daddy.

So nice.  Hi, Paul and little sister in law Sharon.

So sweet.  Grandma Nancy and Dillon.

So relaxing.

Grandpa Steve next to daughter in law Missy and youngest grandchild Wyatt.

So photographic.

It's a bird, a plane ... a flying fish.

Cody caught a little sunfish.

Paulie got wet.

Nice and cozy in the large Boerboom cabin.  Hi, Sonya, Dustin, Jackson, Wyatt, Addie, and Tori.

Nancy and Steve's three oldest grandchildren (Cody, Katie, and Dillon) played cards.

Thank you, Great Aunt Nancy.

Hi, Lori and Kerry, parents of Tori.

Bill's third little boy never makes a peep and is very cuddly.

Getting ready to say goodbye to everybody.

Addie loves to drive Grandma's car and honk the horn.

So pretty.

The End

Love, Sue