Our Christmas Choir Concert

Our Christmas Choir Concert this year occurred a little later than usual.  It was held on Sunday, December 16th, 2012, closer to Christmas than in the past.  It was another wonderful joyful event with maybe 800 people who came out in the very cold winter weather to see and hear us that evening.

Cowboy Tom Stumpf, who sang a solo part in “O Holy Night,” came to the podium after the concert and thanked Director Jamie Moore for his outstanding leadership and Pianist Sue Orsen:) for her hours of practice with the choir every week so the sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses can learn their parts.

Little Kyra McNallan, age 4, daughter of Pat and Michelle McNallan (choir member) presented Jamie and me with bouquets of flowers.

This is the group that sang and played for the concert this year.  That’s Peggy Dorrie with the flute.

The annual Choir Christmas Party — it’s been happening at our  home for over 30 years — was held the following Thursday evening, which is our normal choir practice night.  That’s Christine Determan and Pat McNallan with Allan.

Left to right:  Carol Schmidt, Doug and Ellen O’Malley in the center, Judy Janisch in the back, and Chuck Schmidt on the right. 

Darlene and Chub Williams in the front, Jeanette and Jim Hay in the back.

Walt and Kelly Brunotte.  Walt has written and composed two special choir pieces for us, one that we sang at this year’s concert that was a lullaby to Baby Jesus.

Hi, Shelly Olson, Pam Schmillen, June Henning.

Chuck Schmidt, left, and Chuck Freiberg, also known as the Up North Cabin Guy in the Gazette.

Patti Bartusek and Tom Stumpf, also known as the Cowboy Correspondent in the Gazette.

Pat and Michelle McNallan and Jamie Moore, our Music Director in the center.

Little Kierra McNallan, age 4, also comes to my Christmas Party.

The fun and generous choir presented gifts to a couple of us.

The gifts included special letters written creatively by Michelle McNallan.

Grandma Sue has a good lap.

Michelle crocheted little Christmas trees for both Jamie and me.  Thank you, Michelle.  It’s cute as can be.

Something must have struck my funny bone.

Judy Janisch is the choir member who started taking pictures with my camera.

And now what do we do!

One more present.  Cowboy Tom is Kierra’s godfather.

More presents?

Then we went downstairs to watch a video of the choir concert. 

Hi, Kelly, Walt, and Chub.

It appears that Gary Foehringer, in the red, and Chuck Freiberg found the video very invigorating.  In back of them are Jamie, Allan, Julianne Wartman, Judy Janisch, Pam Schmillen.

On the other side of Jamie are June, Ellen, and Doug.

Hi, Jim, Jeanette, Christine, and Gary.

Hi, Carol, Shelly, and Darlene.

Those who went home early didn’t get in the picture.

Love, Sue