Our "Bearfoot" Landscapers

The work occurred from May through October of 2005.  The project consumed the entire summer.  The air was usually hot, dirty, and dusty.  We hired Chad Johnson, owner of Bearfoot Hardscapes, to custom build our new retaining and decorative walls, steps, and walkways all around our house.  I took pictures to record the progress, and only now, one year later, with flowers once again blooming and grass once again growing, am I ready to show the finished project.  Thank you, Chad, for your good work.  We love it!

Since we built this old wood walkway ourselves back in 1972, it was kind of sad to see it go. 

Nick and Chris helped Allan pick up the creosote-soaked-blocks and stack them out of sight in the back, in the brush, to possibly be reused as a walkway to our firepit.

All the other old and rotten timbers were discarded.

We had also built the retaining wall(s) in our back yard out of old used railroad ties.  Now they were rotten and needed to be replaced.

The initial demolition and excavation work was done by a friend, Gary Lauwagie, and Allan.

Where did the mountains of old timber go?  No more narrative.  The pictures tell their own story.

Dawson Blacktopping did our driveway.  Thank you, Bill.

The hard work was done!
The soft work came the following spring.
Click here to see the job done!
Our New Landscape-2006.

Love, Sue