Open House at the Fire Station

I was at the Victoria Fire Station at 5 p.m. which explains why there are no residents in the first photos I took that evening.

At 5:30 I had a chili dog, chips, pickles, and lemonade.  Delicious.

When I left around 6 o’clock — to attend the city council meeting at City Hall a couple blocks north — the Fire Station was teeming with people in line for supper, and the line outside was doubled up with kids and parents waiting for a turn on a fire truck ride around town.

Some of firefighters working the first shift included (l-r):  Trenton Klos, Chris Steffen, Troy Walsh, Rick Leuthner, Steve Hardek, Chris Lovering, and Thomas Erdmann.  Sometimes those reflective jacket strips are too much glare for a camera.

Beatrice Mechtel with grandson Clayton Mechtel and great grandchildren Jayden and Kinsley Rivers.

The 1929 Chevrolet pumper, the oldest truck in the Department, was the city’s first gas powered truck.

Sparkey poses with Wilbert and Darlene Kelzer.

Thank you, Victoria Firefighters, for another delicious Open House at the Victoria Fire Station.