November With Nick-2005

Son Nick was our Thanksgiving baby, born on November 26th, 1972.  Nick owns a townhome in Maple Grove and spends most of his time there, and at work near Minneapolis, but Addie thinks he lives at Grandma's house because that's where she always sees him when she visits us.

Uncle Nick had help opening up his birthday presents.

Addie Sue knew what was in the box, since her mommy was the one who wrapped it up.

"Look, Uncle Nick!  Do you like your new shirt?"

Blowing out candles is always part of birthday parties.  There were also candles on the Dairy Queen Ice Cream Birthday Cake.

Gunnar was in his daddy's arms.  Guess what they're looking at.  Yes, everybody else is sitting on the kitchen floor, always a favorite spot in the house.

Nick's sister Jenny mostly hangs out with husband Christopher and children Addie and Gunnar.

We had an entire back room to ourselves.  The kids could run all over the place, and they did.

Gunnar didn't eat the crayons but he did chew them up a bit.

After Addie and Gunnar got their jammies on for the hour-long ride back home to Northfield (they always fall asleep), Grandpa All and Grandma Sue said good night to everyone.

Happy Birthday, good son Nick.

The End

Love, Mom