Norgaards of Northfield-2004

Both Christopher Norgaard and his lovely wife Jennifer were born in September.  Jenny's is September 2nd; Chris' is September 25th.  Each year since their marriage in 2001, we've gathered with the in-laws in September to celebrate those birthdays.  Buca's in Burnsville is one of our favorite spots because the food is served family style.  It happened to be exactly September 25th!

May you have many more happy birthdays, Jenny and Chris. 

The staff at Buca's came to our table with a birthday cake, candles, and birthday song.

Grandpa Vance and Grandma Jean Norgaard also love the little honey child.

Al and Vance are probably talking hunting and fishing.  That's Jean's mother, Julie, on the far right.

That's Chris' little brother Charlie sitting next to his Grandma Julie.

Okay now, everybody say, "Happy, Happy."

Tans from Cabo San Lucas were still very fresh.

All the commotion and excitement of being with so many grandmas and grandpas made little Miss Adeline tired.

Bye, bye, birthday kids.

Bye, bye, Norgaards of Northfield.

Bye, bye, Miss Adeline.  What are you pointing at?

Oh, yes, honey child.  We see the moon, too.

The End.

Love, Grandma Sue