Nick and Family

Love, Mom

We stopped by Nick and Jenís home at Brooklyn Park in February before we left for Tioga.† Sophie and Mia are growing so fast that I can hardly remember them being babies.

Mia and Sophie loved the Winnie the Pooh bears we brought from The Disney Store at Mall of America.

Hi, Jen.†

Sophie loves to wear her little dance outfit, even in the dead of winter.† Mia loves her trampoline.

Hi, Nick.

And then it was off to see Jenny and family in Tioga, ND, via Amtrak.† Actually, this picture is from the next morning.† The train was late and didnít leave the St. Paul Depot until around 2:30 a.m. and, of course, it was dark outside and we were immediately in the prone position until morning.

We slept in our street clothes and looked about the same the next morning when the sun was coming up in our sleeper-car.† Then we turned our beds into comfy chairs, found coffee a few steps down the hall, and enjoyed the landscape.† Keep clicking in Sueís Album for the rest of the story.