New Calves for the New Year

                 I met Jerry at the door of his barn, which is located on Kochia Lane, just a few blocks down the street from the Holy Family Catholic High School in Victoria and the Victoria Recreation Center, both of which also sport Kochia Lane addresses. 

In case anyone thinks farming has totally disappeared from this City of Lakes and Parks, they now know differently.  The Jerry and Jane Michel property is only a mile from the editor’s office and, in fact, next door to other residential neighborhoods in Victoria.

Jerry has about ten head of cattle, maybe six cows and four steers, and three little calves.  It’s hard to keep it all straight when Jerry speaks the Farming Language.

He just sold five heifers who are “coming with calves,” to a farmer down near Prior Lake and Jordan, someone who purchased them over the internet.  Said Jerry, “I’ve got visiting rights.”

The cattle he kept at home have names like Pretty Girl, Big Girls, and Shorty.  “I don’t name the boys,” he said.  But he does feed them all regularly, especially the hay that he raises right there on the farm.

I was disappointed, after the fact, to see how dust and moisture in the barn had clung to the lens of my camera.  This made the photos unsuitable for printing in a newspaper but they can sort of make-do for this little trip through a page in Sue’s Album.

In another shed, Jerry keeps his baler, hayracks, side rake, and three tractors. 

His is not a corporate affair.  Maybe it’s a hobby, but it’s a lot of work and he loves it.

How long has Jerry been farming?

He replied, “Since my little grubby hands could get around a manure fork.”

Thank You, Jerry.