New Businesses in Victoria

The Social is an ice cream shop located in the new Lakeside Building on Stieger Lake Lane.  Right now they offer 16 flavors — the staples plus others on a rotating basis.

The Social

Brandon Wallis (pictured above) and his wife Ashley also own the School of the Wise in Victoria.

This is the new Lakeside Building just before the ice cream awning was installed on the far left entrance.

The Social officially opened on August 14th, 2014.  Their ice cream is delicious.


Churchills Quality Cigars and Gifts is located at Victoria’s downtown intersection, as you can see.

Owners are Derrick Smigiel and his wife Tish.  They opened the door to Churchills on August 13th.

Tish, whose background is British, is pictured with a special Toby mug in the character of an English bulldog.  The mug is part of the décor at Churchills.

Derrick pointed out special little alcoves, temperature controlled, where customers can keep their special cigars until they drop by for a smoke on the private plaza out back.

Derrick said he has over 100 brands and 250 different sizes, ranging from $4.99 up to $34.99.  The humidor, which is where the cigars are on display, is basically kept at room temperature and then there is a reverse osmosis humidification system that keeps the humidity between 70% and 72%.  Perfect conditions for the inventory.

Said Derrick, “We purchased the building on May 10th and began working on the landscaping and getting the humidor and inside ready.”

Valley Auto Sales

Valley Auto Sales is located in the attractive cinnamon colored building on the east edge of downtown Victoria.  The place opened on August 1st, selling new and used cars.

Mike Meadows, left, is the Sales Manager.  Brett Winebrenner is the Sales and Finance Manager.  As Mike said, “Victoria Auto Sales is powered by Waconia Dodge.”

Secrets to success?  Said Mike, “Treat everyone like friends and family.”  Said Brett, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Editor Sue