Nancyís New Kitchen

We drove home on Friday, September 5th, because my brother Matt was home from Philadelphia.† After some visiting and dinner at Momís, we stopped to see my sister Nancyís new kitchen.† Thatís Nancy on the left and sister in law Sharon, our brother Paulís wife.

Steve, Nancyís husband, got out the wine.† This entire area of their house was remodeled.† We loved it.† So do they.† It was just finished this summer.

I got to sit for a while between Mom and Matt.†

Thatís Missy on the right, married to Nancy and Steveís son Billy.

Steve poses with the three sisters Ö Sharon, Sandy, and Suzanne who is Mattís wife.

Thatís Jean Wambeke, mother of the three sisters.

These are Billy and Missyís three boys ó Cody (left), Dillon (right), and Wyatt (front).

Holding up the car, thatís my brother Paul (left), mine Papa, and Billy on the right.† Billy is the oldest grandson of my mom and dad.† My daughter Jenny is their oldest granddaughter.† Billy and Jenny are four months apart in age.† Thank you, everyone, for a very good day.

Love, Susan