My Favorite Columnists

It's time for the annual display of photos of my staff, my favorite columnists, those friends who find words to write every single month and send them to the pages of the Victoria Gazette.  If you're a regular visitor to the Gazette, online or offline, you've probably met them before.

Hi, Cowboy Tom Stumpf, fine resident of Victoria..  At what are you pointing your mittened fingers?

Of course!  It's where we run into each other all the time -- in the choir section of the St. Victoria Catholic Church.

Hi, Pastor Frank Jones of the Lake Auburn Moravian Church in Victoria.

Love that hat!

Hi, Tom Abts, Manager and Pro at the Deer Run Golf Course in Victoria.  And hi to Harvey, too.  First favorite color of the golf course is green, but it also looks pretty in white.

The Country Club is decorated for Christmas this year.  Beautiful.

Hi, Pastor Tom Braun at Christ Victorious Lutheran Church.

Next year when their new church is completed, this sanctuary will become their fellowship hall.

Hi, Tom Gray, Victoria Building Official with the City of Victoria.

Thank you, Tom, for teaching us all kinds of city things.

Thom Derr is my Harley Davidson Rough Rider Writer and Claudia is his Harley Babe.

Claudia thought he was standing under the mistletoe, but there's no mistletoe in church.

Father Bob White, priest at St. Victoria Catholic Church, is still on sabbatical out in Sunny California, but he's expected back home for Christmas.

He wrote that he was swimming in a cold outdoor pool every day.  Is it ever cold in California?

Hi, Ethel Ausink, Senior Citizens Reporter for the Gazette.

That's a lovely sunroom that you have in your home, Ethel.

Mike Wartman, former resident of Victoria, writes about the old days in Victoria.  Here he's pictured [long, long ago] with his dad, Euch, who appears in his DX uniform from work.

Love, Sue