Mother’s Day at Nancy’s


My little sister Nancy, who lives about five miles from Mom and Dad, on the opposite side of Ghent, gets to have some of the home occasions now with Mom and Dad and the rest of us.

My brother Matt and his wife Suzanne flew in from Dallas, Texas, for Mother’s Day Weekend.

My sister Barb and her husband Doug drove in from Prior Lake for Mother’s Day.

Nancy’s husband Steve is out driving truck but should arrive back in Ghent before the end of Mother’s Day.

Nancy’s daughter Lori, who has now moved to the Cities with a big job for Schwan’s, drove home for Mother’s Day and is pictured here with Suzanne, Matt’s wife .

After Nancy’s delicious prime rib dinner, we went for a drive to find the boys in the field.

And then we drove off the yard, down the other driveway, not even getting out of the car.  Hard to believe.

First we drove on the yard of the home place, where Mom and Dad still hang out pretty often.

But I got some good pictures of Bernie in the field when he got a little closer with the planter.  When the crop comes up we’ll be able to tell if he was planting corn or soybeans.

That must be my brother Bernie’s truck.  Bernie, Louie, and Paul weren’t at Nancy’s because of field work.

Look how the boxelder tree in front comes to life every spring, even after it gets an extreme haircut.

Like Mom said, “That kid is sure tall.”

Back on Nancy’s yard, it was time for Steve to get home and there he came, roaring down the driveway.

Boerboom Trucking picks up a load of live turkeys from wherever and delivers them to wherever and sometimes gets home at night for dinner if he didn’t have to drive too far.  The truck has a pretty classy sleeper.

I didn’t get a picture of Steve in his trucking duds, but I found this one.

Then we drove to Louie’s farm and found both him and Paul spraying.  On the left is the tractor and sprayer.  On the right, in the truck is a water tank for the sprayer.  The chemical is mixed with water.  I believe there’s a large storage tank of water at the home place (Mom and Dad’s).  One brother sprays while the other goes to get water.

Does this picture remind you of anything?

Actually, Mom has a picture of these little farmers hanging in their garage at home.  At least she used to.

G’bye, boys.  Glad we caught you on the yard.

Then we drove down the road a piece to Jake and Bridget’s place.  They bought a farm site, tore down the old house, blasted the old silo, buried the barn, and built a brand new house for them and their four kids.  Jake is Bernie’s boy.

Three of the little ones ran out to say hi to Great Grandma Betty Claeys.

That’s Olivia, Vance, and Ivory.

And there goes little Devyn.

Jake offered everybody a nice cold beer.

You can see the turkey crates are empty.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, Barb, and Nancy.  Thank you for the good meal and wine, Nancy.