Mostly Norwegian

The leaves were still colorful in our yard when a bunch of Norwegians from Norway, New Brighton, and Richfield came to visit us on Wednesday, October 3rd. About half of them are cousins.

(L-r): Cal and Sandy Jensen from Richfield, MN; Joe and Susan Boatman from New Brighton, MN; Allan; Karin and Per Inge Vik from Skodje, Norway. Allan and I visited the Viks when we were in Norway this past July. Joe and Susan visited them in Norway last year. The Viks live near Isfjorden, which is where the original Orsen farm is located.

Do you see whos not in the picture this time?

Sandy, Susan, Karin, Sue. If I took off my three-inch flip-flops, wed all be the same height.

Per Inge, Joe, Allan, Cal. No three-inch heels in the bunch.

Sandy and Cal were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, and they brought a delicious decadent chocolate cake for the occasion.

I made dinner for the occasion, featuring barbecued ribs and cheesy potatotes.

Pretty soon we wont be sitting at the firepit, unless Allan blows away the snow.

My camera was not the only camera.

We could have been singing, Dont let the smoke get in your eyes, dont let the moon fade away.

Thank you, Karin and Per Inge, for bringing us that sweet brown cheese Flotemysost. We are still enjoying it. Fun to see you again.

Cal and Sandy, the newlyweds among us.

Joe and Susan, good to have you back in Minnesota after so many years gone.

Love, Sue and Al