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If your live to be 100 years old, you get to be at the top of the page.† Alberta Stevenson became 100 years old on Sunday, May 3rd, 2015.† Her late husband was Harlan Stevenson, Allanís Uncle who was a brother of his mother Vera.† Harlan and Alberta Stevenson lived in Britt, Iowa, for many years and were successful pig farmers.† Gary Stevenson, their son, and family and many other family and friends gathered for the occasion at a nursing home in Clear Lake, Iowa, where Alberta lives.† The above photo includes Gary (far left) and some of the nieces and nephews who were able to attend the 100th birthday party.†

Ole and Lena

Professional Opinions

At Westview Acres

Discover Victoria Day

The Ole and Lena Vaudeville Show on Tuesday evening, May 19th, at the American Legion Hall in Waconia was super fun and funny.† Starring as the Lefse Boys:† Ross Hanson, left, and Galen Tongen.†

Our personal invitation to attend came from Allanís Scandahoovian fisherman friend Dick Kellor, right, who emceed the program.† Thatís Al Satter on the left, whose parents worked on vaudeville shows.

The Flying Machine had the entire audience singing along.

The Scandinavian Minstrel entertained to the nines.

The Four Norsemen hit all the right notes.

After the show we found Kathy Brose and Judge Tim Looby of Waconia and others in the neighborhood.

Nobody was more photogenic than The Lefse Boys.

Victoria city councilmembers, staff, and members of the Planning Commission met on May 18th in a workshop setting with a panel of six professionals who gave advice, facts, and opinions to help Victoria successfully navigate its competitive future.

Some of the panelís comments:† ďThere wonít be Buffalo Wild Wings in Victoria Ö Having a good City Hall does bring community attractiveness Ö Build on what you have right here in downtown Victoria.† Itís quite a distance to the Dairy Queen.† It seems disconnected Ö A grocery store and restaurants are key tenants in a community Ö Developers donít forget things.† If they get jacked around and denied, they pass it around Ö Reports on Victoria have been good.† You have a running start.Ē

I was invited by Ron and Harriet Holtmeier, left, to have lunch with them at Westview Acres in Waconia on May 18th, along with Wilfy Plocher and Ceceila ďNonnieĒ Fier.† Ronís roots are old Victoria; his dad worked at the Victoria State Bank.† Wilfy said that between himself and his dad, E. B. Plocher, they managed Victoria Lumber for 67 years.† There are many other former residents of Victoria who now live at Westview.† Nonnie hails from my hometown area in southwestern Minnesota and is a sister of my Aunt Doris Claeys.† The world continues to get smaller.† Thank you for lunch, Ron.

After lunch, Wilfy Plocher showed me his new apartment at Westview.† Itís spacious and comfortable and includes his framed print of a scene in downtown Victoria overlooking Stieger Lake.† Yes, the site across from the Creamery/Enki Brewing and the Victoria House restaurant once included a barn and also the Victoria Depot Ö approximately in the vicinity of the Charlson Thun Community Band Stand which is proposed to be built this summer.

This year Discover Victoria Day was held on Saturday, May 16th.† Cloudy.† Gray.† Damp.† 65 Degrees.† But it didnít rain.† And that was good.† Victoriaís City Manager Laurie Hokkanen was there with her little boys Owen, 4, and Sean, 6 1/2.

RANDY TIMES TWO TALKING BUSINESS.† Randy Maluchnik (Carver County Commissioner) plus Randy Miller (President of the Victoria Business Association).

THE SWEDISH INFLUENCE.† In Victoria the Swedish influence is part of the territory.† Sharon Eklund, left, and Carolyn Spargo can tell you the rest of the story.

VICTORIA ROSE FLORAL in downtown Victoria belongs to Marta Christensen.

KLEINBANK VICTORIA was well represented at Discover Victoria Day.† Front (l-r):† Lois Tiggelaar, Debbie Schmitt, Jessica Sorcic.† Back:† Doris Schmieg, Joseph Lieser, Leah Zarns, and Chris Sohns.

KIDTALK in Downtown Victoria belongs to Candy Almquist