Mom's Quilt 2003

     I did not make this short web page for the world to see, but to show my mother how beautiful her gift of a quilt looks here in my home at Victoria.  Maybe it is okay to show it to you, too.  I emailed these photos to Mom and Dad a couple days after our recent 2003 family gathering in Marshall, MN.  Each fall before they leave for their winter home in Texas, we gather for this large Thanksgiving- Christmas event.  The gathering includes all seven of us brothers and sisters, many grandchildren, and many great grandchildren.

This year Mom gave each of her three girls one of her precious hand made, home sewn, personally designed quilts.  I chose the "Mexican Quilt" because I have good memories about visiting Mom and Dad at their home in Texas near the Mexican border, and it was most beautiful to me.

I placed the colorful quilt on the bed in "Nick's Room" because that 's where it looked the best.  I heard on EWTN today that:  "It is a grace to give the most beautiful thing you have."     

One day I would like to take pictures of all of Mom's quilts in their various homes as the pieces of art get dispersed far and wide.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for the delicious turkey dinner at the AmericInn and the tasty lake trout dinner at your house the next day. 

Since we were with you, Miss Adeline has learned how to crawl and wave "Bye Bye" -- which is what I will say tonight as I sign off.

Thank you, Mom

Love, Susan

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