Mollie B at Stiftungsfest

We met Mom and Dad and Mollie B at the Stiftungsfest celebration in Norwood Young America on Saturday, August 24th.  My parents have been a fan of the young musician for a long time, but Allan and I only became acquainted for the first time that afternoon.  NYA is two hours from Ghent but only 15 minutes from Victoria so we’ll probably be going more often now if Mollie B keeps showing up.

Love, Susan

I asked Mollie B if she’d pose for me with a couple of her best fans, my mom and dad.

We sat under the big tent with hundreds of other people and enjoyed all of it.

Mollie B was the super star for us, and from the applause and crowds she drew, she was the main attraction for others as well.

Mollie B performed at 1:30 p.m. and then again that evening.  Can you pick out where Mom and Dad sat for the first show?

I took these pictures during her “intermission.”

Dad got a hug even before he purchased her DVD and CD’s.

Mollie B played six instruments for us, sometimes two at a time like above with the trumpet and the keyboard.

She also played the accordion, the clarinet, the saxophone, . . .

. . . And the drums.  Mollie plays the trombone, too.

When it was time to eat, we found a familiar person selling tickets — Lois Wolter, who works at KleinBank in Victoria.

And there were familiar people selling BBQ beef sandwiches — Carver County Commissioners Jim Ische, left, and Randy Maluchnik.

We had front row seats after supper, and also enjoyed listening to Barefoot Becky and the Ivanhoe Dutchmen.  Becky’s husband with the hat made us laugh.