Miss Adeline's Maiden Voyage

It seemed a summer's day for this maiden's voyage of May 25th, 2003, but 'twas still  officially spring in this land of things great and small, bright and beautiful, fresh and fanciful.  When the climes of Minnesota are heavenly, we do sit up and take notice, and that includes the delightful Miss Adeline, also known as Sweet Adeline, on board the recreational vessel of Grandpa Al and Grandma Sue, which might have to be renamed the Good Ship Lollipop.  In any case, Miss Adeline, almost exactly four months old, will tell the rest of the story about her maiden voyage on our favorite lake in the whole wide world -- Lake Minnetonka.

"As you can see, I'm a limber little girl, whether on land or sea.  Mommy can't stop loving and squeezing me.  It's like with potato chips or t.p. one squeeze will never do."

"Hey, let's get this maiden's voyage going!"

"I've been showing my mommy and daddy that I have strong legs and good muscle tone, but I hope she waits until after dinner until she enrolls me in  dance line."

"Did someone say dinner?  Okay, I'll play the guessing game for a few minutes."

"Thank you, Mommy."

"It's delicious."

"Everybody is telling me that eating well from a spoon is a big talent.  I don't understand some of this big people stuff."

"Here comes the airplane?  Hey, Mom, I'm a new generation.  Give me the Internet."

"Okay, whatever you say, it works."

"I'm glad you don't mind this job, Mommy Dearest, but I'm sure you'll agree that the rice cereal has been doing its tricks on my little baby bowels.'

"Now I feel like the Energizer Bunny, and  so does my Grandma Sue."

"Thank you for kisses, Grandma, but all this fresh air is taking its toll on me."

"Yes, I absolutely love my mommy and daddy, but I just can't keep my eyes open another second.'

"Told ya so."

"A boat nap is sorta like a cat nap."

"When Grandpa Al said that dinner was ready, I didn't want to miss a beat on the boat."

"My daddy's arms are big and strong  and a little bit hairy."

"My daddy loves me, and it makes me feel like I'm sitting on top of this world."

"Tell me another story, Mommy.  Sing the alphabet song.  Tickle my fancy.  Talk to me.  Keep my love and attention for ever and ever, amen."

"Mommy, what does life of Riley mean?  That's what Grandma Sue says I've got."

"Hi, Captain Grandpa Al.  I can see you from the cutty cab."

"Hi, Grandma Sue.  I didn't know that grandmas still liked getting a suntan."

"It's been such a wonderful day full of fresh air which is sorta getting to me again "

"Smile pretty for the camera?  Is somebody talking to me?  Don't make me say cheese."

"Please ignore me."

The End

Love, Sue

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