Miscellaneous Moments

I found some pictures that didnít make it to the big screen Ö so far.† Here they are!

It was already too hot in June to go very far when I watching Sophie and Mia at their house.†

The water in their little pool was warmer than bath water.

So I gave Sophie a popsicle and we stayed in the house.

Allan and Nick took Sophie and Addie and Gunnar fishing down the road on Lake Zumbra, also in June when Jenny was home for Celiaís bridal shower.

I heard there were lots of fish but none of them keepers.

Grandma Sue was home making dinner.† Grandpa Al took some pictures.

Grandpa Al said Addieís fish was too little to clean.

Gunnar kept trying for the big one.† Sophie just monkeyed around ...

Love, Susan

. . . and acted like she was fishing.

We stopped a while at Mom and Dadís when we were home for Lindsayís baby shower ó for Bekah.† We were playing with Allanís camera and iPad.

See the finch?† He kept fluttering past their kitchen window.

Allan took these last three pictures with his iPad and sent them to me.† Hi, Dad.