Minnetonka Menagerie

Most of the times that we were on Lake Minnetonka this past summer 2013, it was just the two of us taking advantage of a beautiful evening only ten minutes from our home.  But sometimes we invited others to join us, and when I put it all together here, it became a Lake Minnetonka Menagerie.

There are always aquatic hogs by the docks at Lord Fletcher’s.

This is the marina where we dock our boat every summer.

Scenery along the channel to the marina has really changed over the years.  Little homes have been replaced with big new homes.

But there are always ducks, geese, and loons.

And we always see skiers …

… as well as the Minnehaha paddle boat.

Allan is always the captain.

Our friends Julianne Wartman and Mary Moore joined us one evening.

The sunset was again outstanding.

We were lucky that Jenny and her kids could spend a day on the lake with us this summer, since they live pretty far away from us.  Hi, Addie and Gunnar.

Hi, Sweet Adeline.

Hi, Jumpin’ Gunnar.

Hi, good daughter.

One of our favorite places to visit is Licks Unlimited because their ice cream cones are out of this world.  They’re located just a half block up from the Excelsior dock.

The captain gave us a speedy ride back to the marina.

Ed and Connie Hjermstad joined us for another wonderful day on the lake.

They live in Chanhassen but travel the southwest USA most of the winter in their 5th Wheel RV.

I first met Connie years ago when she worked at the Photo Factory in Excelsior.  That was back in the day before digital cameras, when I needed one-hour developing.

We were part of another beautiful sunset.  There’s nothing like a sunset on Lake Minnetonka.

It was nearing the end of September when Father Bob White thought it was still warm enough to swim in Lake Minnetonka.

It was warm on the boat.  See Maynard’s in the distance?  It was our destination  for supper.

After docking at Maynard’s, the first thing Fr. Bob did was head to the outdoor fireplace.  No doubt, his body temperature needed to be raised above the lake temperature.

Sailing into the Sunset.

Love, Sue