Mia’s 4th Birthday

Mia Orsen turned 4 years old on Friday, May 9th.  Her parents Nick and Jen arranged for a birthday gathering at the huge Elk River Water Park.

Sophie watched her little sister blow out candles on the Minnie Mouse birthday cake that their mommy made.  Mia did the pink sprinkles.

A hug from Grandma Sue.

A lap from Grandpa Al.

Sophie, who is 5 and 1/2, spent most of her time in the water.

Nick got out of the pool for a little while.

A hug and a lap from Grandma Sue.

I see you, Sophie.

Sophie and her mommy went on a cruise in the lazy river, around and around in a big floater.

Then Nick and Sophie climbed high to take this monster slide all the way down to the bottom.

I caught them as they came out of the chute.

It seems Sophie is not afraid of anything.

Said Sophie, “Let’s do it again, Dad.”

And so they did!

This time Sophie climbed the stairs with her mommy.

There they are!

Safe and sound.

Then Nick treated everyone to pizza at the place.  It was delicious.  Jen’s mother, a couple aunts, and also little cousins were also at pool and pizza party.

Daddy Nick and his little ones.

Grandma Sue saved all the Hot Wheel cars that Nick collected and played with as a little boy.  They will go well with the big Hot Wheel tracks that Nick bought for Sophie and Mia … and maybe himself:)

A few days later we met Nick and his baby girls at the Ridgedale Mall for Sunday brunch.

Bye Bye, Sweetie Pies, until next time.

Love, Grandma Sue