Merry Christmas Columnists ~ 2014

I was able once again to get new pictures of the people who write regular columns for the Christmas issue of the Gazette.  It’s a tradition I enjoy and it’s good to connect thoughts and words with faces.  The Gazette is fortunate to have a large staff of writers and readers, all of them above average in every way.

Joe Blake, son of Larry and Diane Blake of Victoria, is a sophomore student at Benilde-St. Margaret High School in St. Louis Park.  Joe is also an Honors English student.

Chuck Freiberg is our Up North Cabin Guy.  He and his wife Pam live in the Kirke Lachen neighborhood of Victoria and have a cabin up north near Webster, Wisconsin.

Mayor Tom O’Connor answers questions every month in a column entitled “Picking the Mayor’s Mind.”  Tom and his wife Cathi live in the Deer Run neighborhood.

Tom Abts is the General Manager and Golf Pro at the Deer Run Golf Club in Victoria.  That’s Harvey, his Welsh Corgi, keeping a watchful eye on his dozing master.

“I wonder who’s going to do the work around here!”

 “Oh, well, if you can’t wake ‘em, join ‘em.”

Pastor Brian Dixon watches over his flock at the Moravian Church of Lake Auburn in Victoria.

Randy Maluchnik of Chaska is a Carver County Commissioner who represents a big portion of citizens in the City of Vicoria.

Maureen Bonner, a Biblical Counselor, and husband Bill Bonner are pastors at the Waterbrooke Fellowship Church in Victoria.

Best picture.  The Bonners live in the Deer Run neighborhood of Victoria.

Bill Olson is a Manager on the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District.  He and his wife Shelly live in the Bayview neighborhood of Victoria.

Jo-Anne and Steve Young contribute an original crossword puzzle to the Gazette every month.  They live in the Applewood neighborhood of Victoria.

Mike Wartman grew up in Victoria, his mother Julianne lives in Victoria, many friends live in Victoria.  His columns center on the “old” days of Victoria.  He and wife Jodene live in Prior Lake.

Tom Stumpf wears cowboy boots and he had a horse when he first moved to this neck of the woods, which is how he became my “Cowboy Correspondent.”

Christmas cheer to all the people who write for the Gazette and to the thousands who read the Gazette.

Editor Sue