Merry Christmas Columnists ~ 2009

Many of the Gazette columnists have been writing for years and some are relatively new or brand new.  They come in many sizes and ages.  I appreciate all of them.

Thank you, Miss Addie Sue Norgaard, for  your drawings each month for Grandma Sue’s paper.  I love them.  And I love you too.

Thank you, Cowboy Tom Stumpf, for your musings on  men and mice, and dogs and days of wine and roses, not to mention hockey.

Thank you, Thom Derr, for giving us a biker’s perspective on almost everything.  And thank you, Claudia, for letting Thom speak of his Harley Babe.

Merry Christmas, Bill and Maureen Bonner, pastors at Waterbrooke Fellowship here in Victoria, and also to your little Ancsa.

Merry Christmas, Lucas Graunke, budding climatologist and student writer from District 112.  Merry Christmas, also, to your sister Emma.

Merry Christmas, Kurt Dahl, nature’s newsman and new columnist for the Victoria Gazette.

Merry Christmas, Dale Riley, local grocer at Fresh Seasons Market in Victoria and new columnist for the Gazette.  Love your groceries and your beautiful store.

Merry Christmas, Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  Yes, golf is like life.

Merry Christmas, Victoria City Councilmembers.  Thank you for writing when you do.

Thank you, Ethel Ausink, Senior Citizens Reporter, for saying it like it is.

Thank you, Pastor Frank Jones of the Lake Auburn Moravian Church.  Good luck in your retirement.

Merry Christmas, Mike Wartman, former resident of Victoria, and greetings also to Jodene.

Thank you, Carver County Commissioner Randy Maluchnik, for writing every month.

Thank you, Father Elstan, for writing the classic Christmas story that I never tire of using.

Love, Editor Sue