Merry Christmas Columnists ~ 2006

Merry Christmas and Thank You to all the people who write for the Victoria Gazette especially those who wrote in 2006.  This includes the  wonderful cartoonist and her little daughter.

Thank you, Jenny Norgaard, who drew cartoons for her Editor Mama since she was 11 years old and has now handed her artistic pen to her own daughter Addie Sue, age 3, in September, 2006.

Thank you, Tom Stumpf, Victoria's Cowboy Correspondent.  Here's to you, too!

Thank you, Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.

Thank you, Frank Jones, Pastor at the Lake Auburn Moravian Church in Victoria.

Thank you, Thom Derr, Victoria's Favorite Rough Rider.

Thank you, Ethel Ausink, Victoria Senior Citizen Reporter.

Thank you, Tom Abts, Victoria's Deer Run Golf Pro.

Thank you, Jennifer Chapman, Director of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you, Tom Gray,
City of Victoria Building Official.

Thank you, Al Liestman, President of the Victoria Lions Club in the blue shirt.  Hello to fellow Lion Steve Olson with the vest and to Al Quie, center, former Governor of the State of Minnesota.

Thank you, Mary Leizinger, Victoria Realtor.

Thank you, Father Bob White of the St. Victoria Catholic Church.

Thank you, Pastors Bill and Maureen Bonner of Waterbrooke Fellowship in Victoria.

Thank you, Father Elstan, for letting me reprint your classic Christmas column every year.

The End

Love, Sue