Meeting Mia

Grandpa Al and Grandma Sue brought Sophie back to her home in Brooklyn Park to meet Mia for the very first time on May 20th.† The little sweetie thought Mia was a doll and wanted to grab her but learned right away how to be gentle with her baby sister.† Sophie is a loving and hugging little girl and everything fell into place just fine.† The next morning the Norgaards arrived from Tioga, ND, via Amtrak for the wedding of Lindsay Claeys at Minneota, MN.† Nick and Jen brought their little family to our home in Victoria to spend time with everyone, and then Allanís cousin Susan Boatman and husband Joe also joined the family gathering that evening.

It was a very long two days for Sophie ó hanging out with Grandma Sue in Victoria on Thursday, May 20th, meeting her little sister Mia back home in Brooklyn Park that afternoon, hanging out the next day back in Victoria with the Tioga kids, and also meeting Grandpa Alís cousins.† It was time for the little Orsen family to pack up the diaper bags and go home to bed.

Addie and Gunnar got to stay up a little while longer until Joe and Sue left.† It was only that morning at 7 a.m. that the Tioga kids had arrived at the train depot in St. Paul.† Nigh, night, everybody.

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