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Headlines and Bylines

The Victoria GAZETTE

May 2016

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Diversity Was Everywhere in Old Town Victoria by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria“Victoria has the sports teams covered, the churches couldn’t pray for any more diversity, and the smorgasbord of Victoria foods sate the diversity palate.”

Picking the Mayor’s Mind from A to G by Sue OrsenMayor Tom O’Connor answers questions about awards for the city’s finance department, the lawsuit about the open meeting law, and his grandchildren.

Thoughts on the Golf Swing by Deer Run Golf Pro“I think we can all learn from the swings of great players, but it has to be put in perspective.  What makes them great might not be necessary to be good.”

Enki Prepares for Big Move by Sue Orsen“John Hayes and Dan Norton, owners of Enki Brewing, held a ground breaking April 25th and gave a mini-tour of their recent purchase, the former HEI building, that will be their new home.”

Watching My Navy Dad by Chuck Freiberg, Up North Cabin Guy“Our father is now a 90-year old Navy Veteran of World War II, Pacific Theater, who got call back during the Korean War.  We are proud the sacrifices he made.”

One Man’s Treasure by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent“My friend’s dad had a room in the basement of their house which was occupied by only a beautiful slate-topped pool table.  At least on the floor.  On the walls was a menagerie of beer cans lined up on narrow little shelves.”

Posing with The Living Stars by Sue Orsen“We weren’t just visiting late greats on our recent road trip.  It was our good fortune to also meet many living stars, shining in the lives of hundreds and thousands and millions of people, including me.”

In Memoriam:  Purple Passion by Christie Schlueter, Regular Victoria Visitor“With the passing on April 21st of Prince, a legend who lived in neighboring Chanhassen and was known his love of purple, I put together some favorite purple food recipes.”

Victoria Sculpture Arrives by Sue Orsen“It was 9:30 a.m. on April 27th when the Storms Welding and Manufacturing truck pulled into with the 1,200-pound, 8-foot tall structure securely strapped onto the bed.”

Behind the Sculpture Scene by Sue Orsen“There was an audience as the new Victoria sculpture was lifted off the truck with a bobcat, carried by a front end load to Bayfront Park, and propped into place.”

Groundbreaking at Chapel Hill Academy by Rick Narvaez“The community wide celebration occurs on May 11th on the grounds in Chanhassen.”

Leaning with The Late Greats by Sue Orsen/The Victoria Gazette“We drove south through April showers, visiting eight states and many late greats.  Sunshine and good fortune led us to halls and walls of fame that featured, among others, the late great Merle Haggard and the late great Mother Angelica.  Click on Front Page.

New Development Requires Xcel Power Upgrade by Sue Orsen“It was going on for at least a month or two all along Hwy 5 through Victoria.  Xcel Energy built a substation in Victoria and upgraded their equipment along the  way to the new substation.”

Hedtke Home Makes Way for New Residential Development by Sue Orsen“It stood at the crossroads of Hwy 5 and Park Drive in Victoria for more than a century.  When a home once vibrant with life comes to an end, it deserves remembrance as it gives up the ghost.”

Under the Big Top by Sue Orsen“After several days of rain and clouds, the sky cleared and the temperatures ‘soared’ into the 60’s, just in time for the Victoria Lions Annual Spring Fling.”

The Ultimate Science Lab by Bill Olson, MCWD Board of Managers“The assorted group of waters, all stitched together into one big lake makes Lake Minnetonka a most valuable place for scientific study.”

Victoria’s Library Log by Kathy Pershmann, Carver County Library SystemSome May activities include storytimes, Lego Lab, book clubs, teen tech club, and a bike maintenance class.

Carver County Update by Randy Maluchnik, Carver County Commissioner“The Historical Society has been working to turn the Peterson farm located near Waconia into an interpretive site, resulting in the Society owning 12.17 acres of the farmstead.”

Victoria Lions Help Auburn Homes by Al Orsen, Victoria Lions Club“Auburn Home  and Services recently put a new bus in service, replacing an 18-year old bus.  Cost was $89,000.  Victoria Lions contributed $2,000 to a matching fund.”

Ray Jendro, 83, died March 30th.

Gordon Schwacke, 94, died March 8th.

Karen Fritz, 63, died March 8th.

Betty Lou Blood, 79, died March 20th.

Kathy Broberg, 66, died April 7th.

Training Communities to be Dementia Friendly by Linda McNulty, Victoria for a Lifetime“How can we as a community prepare to assist the needs of our elder population in years to come?”