The Work of Our Mother When We Were Young by Sue Orsen.  “Her 90 years of life included the hardships and joys in a century already long gone.  Elizabeth and Julianne agree that the life of Ida Diethelm is perhaps best captured in the word ‘mother.’”  Click on Front Page.

Learning All Life Long by Mayor Mary Hershberger Thun, City of Victoria.  “Education has always been important to me.  My mom was a teacher and my dad always talked about his kids going to college.  In fact, my brother and I really didn't have a choice …”

Paying Property Taxes by Laurie Engelen, Taxpayer Services Dept.  “For most taxpayers, the due date for the first half property tax payment is May 16th since May 15th falls on Sunday this year …”

In the Neighborhood:  The New Wayzata Muni by Sue Orsen.  “Construction on the new municipal bottle shop and restaurant in Wayzata began in September 2010  — after nine years of planning and studies.  It opened Wednesday, April 27th …”

Worms:  Harbinger of Spring by Thom Derr, Rough Rider.  “It is the last week of April as I write, and the ground still has some frost when we dig.  The good news is that the worms are out with today’s rain …”

Chamber Scholarships by Deb McMillan, President, SW Metro Chamber.  “Members of the Chamber donated a record breaking $11,000 to be used for scholarships.  Eleven students will each receive a $1,000 …”

At Holy Family Catholic High School Spring Has Arrived by Angela Dimler, Communications Manager.  “The Fire track and field teams sprung out of the block in fine form for their first outdoor meet of 2011 …”

The Weather Vane by Lucas Graunke, 14, Budding Climatologist.  “May is when we usually have our first big tornado outbreak, but this year we might have to wait until June …”

In the Neighborhood:  Grass is Greener over the Drain Field by Telly Mamayek, MCWD“Just because something is buried underground doesn’t mean it is safe for you or the environment.  Septic systems can allow disease-causing pathogens to enter surface or ground water …”

In the Neighborhood:  Striped Icebergs in Lake Michigan from Steve Erickson, Forest Lake, MN.  “Blue stripes are often created when a crevice in the ice sheet fills up with melted water and freezes so quickly that no bubbles form … Brown, black, and yellow lines are caused by sediment picked up along the way.”

Remember When some Victoria ladies did not dress like ladies?  Remember When some Victoria men did not dress like men?

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Life is a Breeze by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent.   “So I was sitting in the lab of my local clinic a couple weeks ago, all ready to donate a little life blood for the sake of testing things, checking, making sure nothing was lurking.”

Finding Joy and Delight Sunday Morning at St. Victoria by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  “It was with both joy and delight that I witnessed the First Communion of a joyful and delightful group of First Communicants at St. Victoria …”

Ice-Out on Lake Bavaria by Father Bob White, St. Victoria Catholic Church.  “There’s magic in the hours leading up to an ice-out.  The ice has turned honeycomb fragile.  Its color is dark as a cloud before a summer storm.  Sagging, it begins to crack …”

Curly Light Bulbs Unsafe by Ethel Ausink, Senior Citizens Reporter.  “Americans like the good old fashioned Edison light bulb for many good reasons.  Its light is better, it costs 1/8 as much, it’s easier to dispose of, people resent government limiting their choices.”

Bunny Fever at the Victoria Rec Center by Victoria Lion Kurt Zuppke.  “The Victoria Lions held their annual Easter Egg Hunt.  We had a great turnout despite the cool soggy weather outside …”

The Ultimate Sacrifice by Randy Maluchnik, Carver County Board Chair.  “Memorial Day is a federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May to commemorate United States soldiers who died while in military service …”

In the Neighborhood:  What a Blessing!  “Pastor Harlan Seri was ordained at Minnewashta Church in Shorewood on April 3rd, located two blocks north of Hwy 7 and Church Road.”

In the Public Square:  Senator Julianne Ortman by Peter Winiecki, Communications. “Senator Ortman is pushing for overdue lawsuit reform.  Reforms will cut business expenses, increase productivity, and expand job opportunities …”

Victor Schneider, 91, of Victoria and Chaska died April 7th, 2011, at Auburn Manor West.

Vocabulary in Victoria by Sue OrsenThe word:  dystopian.  The sentence:  “We should be as way of dystopian despair as we are of utopian enthusiasm.”

In the Neighborhood:  Windy Blizzard in North Dakota from Jenny Norgaard, Tioga, ND.  “The blizzard arrived on April 30th.  We were without electricity for several hours and  our house went down to 65 degrees …”

30 Years Ago the Gazette featured the Victoria Fire Dept in “Our Friends the Firemen.”

20 Years Ago the Gazette featured Ron and Harriet Holtmeier in “Going Out to Pasture.”

10 Years Ago the Gazette featured Carol Schaefer in “Bless Your Heart.”

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