Marco Island-Three

Deep sea fishing was certainly one of the highlights of our trip — maybe the highlight since I couldn’t stop taking pictures of all the fish everybody was catching.  As it turns out, we drove 10 minutes to Wild Thing Charters, only to have them find a fishing spot just off the coast in front of Robin’s condo.

Zooming in to the condo.

First Mate Jim showed everyone how to hold the rod, how to cast, and how to reel in.

Addie and Gunnar were fast learners.  We used shrimp for bait, about the size you dip in cocktail sauce.

Gunnar caught six fish in a row, one after the other.  This mackerel is definitely a keeper.

Allan probably caught the biggest mackerel.  We enjoyed saying “Holy Mackerel” all afternoon.

This is called a Jack Crevalle and it not a fish you keep.

Notice the pelican waiting to retrieve the nonkeepers.

We didn’t like it when the guy kept throwing our fish back into the water.

You should have seen how hard this ocean catch fought me all the way to the boat.

That ol’ Jack Crevalle was a pest to everybody once in a while.

Maybe Jenny’s mackerel was bigger than Allan’s. 

Chris was sitting there biding his time … and then he had the biggest strike of all.

Yes, he caught this shark.  The bait was, in fact a mackerel that Jenny had previously caught that had been bloodied and tasted by, apparently, a shark — maybe this very shark.

It weighed anywhere from 50 to100 pounds, depending on the size of the fish story. 

Shark skin is smooth when rubbed one way, and like short sharp Velcro when rubbed against the grain.

Gunnar shows us the mackerel that had been caught and chewed on by a passing shark as it was reeled in.  The bloodied fish was then used as bait and the shark was impressed.

The shark was thrown back into the ocean, of course, but we made a good haul of mackerel and kept enough to bring back to the condo for two hearty meals.  They were delicious.

That restaurant in back of Addie is Snook’s Inn, where we ate alligator yesterday.

First Mate Jim retrieved some of our keepers to be cleaned  for us.

Pelicans gathered at the dock to watch Captain Randy clean our mackerel.  They remained poised and in position when Gunnar reached out to touch them.

As we were fishing out in the deep, dolphins played alongside our boat as though they knew us.  It was exciting and exhilarating each time they flipped within sight, which was often.