Marco Island Four

The sun was beginning to set on our family vacation.

Palm Sunday Morning we headed off to Mass at San Marco Catholic Church.

We were about 5 minutes early and the place was so packed we had to park far away and we had to stand for the entire long service. But it was very nice.

We spent our last day on the beach. Addie and Gunnar built a sandy swimming pool and filled it up.

The four Norgaards all went out to play in the ocean Jenny, Christopher, Addie, Gunnar.

Some of the waves were pretty big.

When we were filled up with sun and sand and water, we walked back to the condo.

Jenny is a very wonderful mother kind, respectful, and loving to Addie and Gunnar.

That evening we spent a little time at the pool table.

A wind had come up and for the first time it was cold in that beautiful swimming pool so we came inside.

See Gunnar having breakfast the next morning at the kitchen table.

See Jenny packing up suitcases.

See our bedsheets removed and ready for laundry service.

See the gray morning from the breakfast balcony.

See the guys out on the west balcony for the last time.

See Addie having peanut butter toast and jam for breakfast. Grandma Sue fixed it for her.

See the suitcases packed and ready.

See the grandparents and grandchildren together at Marco Island.

See Addie and Gunnar at the window next to the elevators.

Goodbye, Cape Marco. Thank you, Robin.

Goodbye, Marriott Hotel, and the long first-day beach walk from Cozumel.

Goodbye, blooming flowers in the median at Marco Island.

Goodbye, Ford Explorer.

Remember the dolphins?

Remember the pool?

Remember the cooking?

Remember the shark?

Remember the pelicans?

Remember the sun?

Remember the fun? Thank you, Jenny and family.

Love, Mom