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Someone Said Snowstorm? by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent.  “After several incredibly warm, indeed record breaking, mild days, Mother Nature was going to dump several inches of wet, heart attack inducing snow on the Cities Two (hardly Twins) and surrounding burbs.”

Victoria Lions Honor Their Veteran Members by Myron Taylor, Carver County Veterans Memorial Registry.  “We thank the Victoria Lions for their generous financial donation and also for their commitment to the men and women from their organization that served in the military.”

Donald Trump’s Inauguration by Randy Maluchnik, Carver County Commissioner.  “It was certainly an honor to be only 100 yards away from Donald J. trump as he took the oath of office to become our 45 President.  A truly wonderful personal experience was being able to attend the Veterans Inaugural Ball.”

Victoria’s Library Log by Kathy Bognanni, Branch Manager.  “Join us for Library Trivia, Photo Editing, Tails for Reading, Lego Lab, Storytimes, Book Clubs, and many other occasions at the Victoria Library.”

Proposing to Expand Regional Trail by Stewart Crosby, SRF Consulting.  “The public is invited to learn about the development of a regional trail corridor along Hwy 5 from Co. Rd. 101 in Chanhassen to Rolling Acres Road in Victoria.”

More Work and Play in Tioga ND by Sue Orsen.  “We spent a February week out west at the country home of our daughter and family where we played Cathedral and Dominoes and helped with one of their downtown properties, re-renovating their historic bank building.”

Look at the Hook by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  “The good golf swing is an evolution.  Too many people try to skip the steps.  The steps are necessary because the next step is a reaction to the previous step.  Let me explain.”

30 Minute Meals for March by Christie Schlueter, Regular Victoria Visitor.  “After a long day, sometimes you have no energy to make dinner and you don’t want to stop for takeout.  If you have your pantry stocked, you can try these fast easy meals.”

Victoria Student Honors on campuses near and far.  “Half the people you know are below average.”

Reading, Working, Celebrating at VES by Jeremy Engebretson, Administrative Dean.  “Students at Victoria Elementary School celebrated I Love to Read Month with Victoria author and illustrator Josh Merchant and his book ‘Murray the MailMonkey.’”

Six new Eagle Scouts by Michael Breitling, Victoria MN.  “Troop 589 is sponsored by Mount Olivet Lutheran Church West Campus in Victoria.”

Maple Syrup Harvest by Rachel Jackson.  “This is a great Minnesota tradition that you can be part of.”

The Stage at Stieger by Sue Orsen, The Victoria Gazette.  “Before fish and family fun begins at the annual ice fishing contest in Victoria each February, the stage at Stieger Lake is set and ready to accommodate all visitors, thanks to the Victoria Fire Department.”  Click on Front Page.

The Lindall Letter and “Killing Field II” in Victoria by Robert J. Lindall, President, SW Corridor Transportation Coalition.  “In order to provide safe and effective transportation, the county needs to partner with cities and with the state and federal transportation departments to plan and deliver updated roads and bridges.  Outdated designs on Hwys 212, 5, 41, can be updated.”

Picking the Mind of Councilmember Jim Crowley by Sue Orsen.  “In general, I am not in favor of raising taxes, and I have demonstrated this over the past 6+ years with my votes on Council.  We have many road construction needs in our county and I ask that our county officials be judicious in the use of our tax dollars, minimizing any potential increases.”

Where is the Egg Candler and the Town Siren? by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  “I wonder what a trip to Victoria would yield for antique and estate sale hunters.  Here’s a partial list of what to look for in the attics and basements and storage areas of the Village of Lakes and Parks.”

New Hybrid Milfoil in Lake Minnetonka by Telly Mamayek, MCWD.  “A little known type of watermilfoil could be more invasive and tougher to control that the Eurasian variety.”

Shorewood Artist Wins 1st Place by Bob Bushnell, Shorewood, MN.  “This time the competition was tougher but Arden won 1st Place Overall in the International Art Show.”

Urgent Care at Southbridge Shakopee by Madeleine Rush, St. Francis.  “As more people enter the community to live and work, it has created a need for an urgent care facility with daytime hours.”

GREASE Returns to the Chan Dinner Theatres by Author.  “Its most popular show returns to the Main Stage for the first time in a decade.”

Eleven Victoria Homes in 2017 Spring Parade by Wendy Danks, BATC.  “The tour this spring offers 481 new homes and runs March 4th through April 2nd, Thursdays thru Sundays.”

Rosemarie Carroll, 75, died February 13th.

Nora Adam, 85, died January 28th.

Fr. Bernardine Hahn, 101,  died February 8th.

Beatrice Beddor, 90, died February 5th.

Remember When the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Victoria Field House occurred?  It was 2002.  Mayor Mary Meuwissen and supporters raised  thousands of dollars in three-year contracts for banners at the ice arena.

March 2017