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Cheese, Wine, and Thee by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent.  “The ever fun loving Ms. Patti has introduced the barley pop loving cowboy to a new sport:  Vineyard Hopping.  We visited a homey little patch of heaven known as Parley Lake Winery out on Hwy 5 between Victoria and Waconia.”

Your Home, Your School, Your Invitation by Jim Paulsen, Real Real Estate Rapper.  “The first question people always ask when buying a home is, ‘Tell me about the schools.  Where are they and how good are they?’  To better answer that question, the school district is reaching out to our community.”

The Shifting Library Landscape by Gordy Simanton, Ruminating Resident.  “Libraries are in a life and death struggle to re-define and justify their existence in a fast paced climate.  Library planners and the public need to recognize a shift in the landscape and embrace a new media-centric culture.”

Looking for Common Sense by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  “I’m a big believer in Common Sense.  People like to say that Common Sense isn’t so common anymore, and they may b e right.  What I think is taking place is Conventional Wisdom.  They are very different cats.”

Investing for Income Growth by Randy Maluchnik, Carver County Commissioner.  “At any time, Carver County has $55 million to $125 million in cash and pooled investments.  The $70 million fluctuation results from real estate taxes which are collected in May and October.”

See You at Our Spring Fling!  by Brian Tjenstrom, President, Victoria Lions Club.  “Our Lions Club is very excited to announce our First Annual Spring Fling scheduled for Friday, April 11th.  Come out and enjoy some of the finer foods and beverages from many of our local restaurants, wineries, and breweries.”

Donald H. Bongard, 71 of Belle Plain, formerly Victoria, died January 29th at the Hope Residence in Belle Plaine.

Naturally Flocked by Sue Orsen/The Victoria Gazette.  A large photo of the Welcome to Victoria sign and the stately evergreen trees flocked with heavy snow.

Buried in Snow by Sue Orsen/The Victoria Gazette.  A large photo of the St. Victoria Cemetery showing how the monuments are practically buried in snow.

On Behalf of the Victoria Firefighters Association.  “We thank all of those who supported our Fishing Contest.  We also extend a Big Thanks to those who had food and beverages available.”

The Oil Patch by Sue Orsen/The Victoria Gazette.  “I’ve been visiting the Oil Patch of North Dakota since 2008 when our daughter and her family moved to Tioga, the oil capital of North Dakota, now the second largest oil producing state in the nation.  The future is theirs and ours, for better or for worse.”  Click on Front Page.

On Children and Neighbors by Chuck Freiberg, Up North Cabin Guy.  “Our boomeranger son, which I have been told by many readers is what our returning older children are being called, has settled in and we all seem to be getting along quite well — with a few exceptions.”

Working Together by Melanie Warm, Carver-Scott Mental Health.  “The numbers were staggering — eight suicides in Carver County in the first six months of 2012.  Two and a half times more suicides than the same period of the previous year.”

Draining, but Committed to Best Interest of Victoria by Sue Orsen.  Replied Mayor Tom O’Connor about pending litigation against the City of Victoria, “There is no question that the past several months have been draining.  Differences have degenerated into personal attacks and legal action which in my opinion are unwarranted.”

Where We Find Our Hope by Pastor Maureen Bonner, Biblical Counselor.  The question this month is:  “I hear you talking about living the Christian life, but for me I constantly see how I can’t measure up and I only see my failures.  So why even try?”

Many Willing Hands on Deck by Bill Olson, Victoria, MCWD Manager.  “By working together, we have made significant progress in keeping Aquatic Invasive Species at bay.”

30 Years Ago the Gazette featured George and Louise Tallon in “Over the River and Through the Woods.”

20 Years Ago the Gazette4 featured the Victoria Ice Fishing Contest in “A Fish Fantasy.”

10Years Ago the Gazette featured the 2004 Ice Fishing Contest in “It’s All Relative.”

Remember When these young Victoria people received special recognition.  Remember when these little girls were Girl Scouts.  It was 1988.

Ditched near Chanhassen by Sue Orsen/The Victoria Gazette.  A large photo of a car in the ditch on the way to Chanhassen, being assited by the police and tow truck.

Sliding into Chanhassen by Sue Orsen/The Victoria Gazette.  A large photo of a car sitting perpendicular in the middle of Hwy 5, having slid dangerously against the flow of traffic.

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