Lutefisk in Granite Falls

Dad called and asked if weíd like to meet them for a Lutefisk Dinner at Prairieís Edge Casino in Granite Falls.† Two of my four brothers joined us.† Dad paid for the dinner.† Louie and Paul paid for the wine and beer.† And I won $40 at the slots.

Mom prefers the poker machines and I like the triple sevens, but we are not casino regulars and only sat at the slots a few minutes.

Thatís my dad, my brother Louie, my brother Paul in the back, Mom, and Allan and I on the right.† Our tummies were full.† In addition to the lutefisk, there were meatballs with mashed potatoes and gravy, lefse with butter and brown sugar, fried chicken, cod, stuffed cabbage rolls, smoked salmon and capers, pickled herring, a full salad bar, several pies and cakes and other desserts with ice cream, plus Rommegrote, a Norwegian pudding that Allan hasnít had since he was a kid.

The long drive into the casino is lined with many lights and a snowman pointing the way.† Itís about a two hour drive between Granite Falls and Victoria.