Lions Last Supper at the Hall

The Victoria Lions came into being about the same time as the Village Hall.  Construction of the Hall was completed in 1966.  The Victoria Lions Club was chartered in 1966.

Next year, when the Victoria Lions celebrate their 50th anniversary, they will not be celebrating in the Village Hall, which is slated to be demolished in June 2015. 

Where will that 50th Anniversary Party for the Victoria Lions be held?  Nobody knows at this time.

Much of the Victoria Lions camaraderie is the result of two dinner meetings every month, on the second and fourth Wednesdays.  This past Wednesday, May 27th, the Lions met and ate together for the very last time at the Village Hall.

Most recent chief cook and bottlewasher for the Victoria Lions are Jill Stieve and Aaron Ketcher.

In addition to it being their last supper at the Hall, it was also Ladies Night and the night of their annual installation of new officers.

LIONS OFFICERS 2015-2016.  Front (l-r):  Scott Vandeputte (Director), Tom Bogaard (Lion Tamer), Doug Dyer (Tail Twister), Scott McClelland (Director), LeRoy Worm (Treasurer), Steve Frederickson (Secretary).  Back:  Joe Scanlon (Director), Brent Romenesko (Director), Jonathan Lueck (Gambling Manager), Laura O'Neill (1st VP), Matt Bergmann (2nd VP), Todd Triethart (President), Dave Lura (3rdVP), Tom Schwartz (Past President).

In addition, it was a night to honor some of their own with the prestigious Melvin Jones Fellowship Award, which is named for Melvin Jones, founder of Lions Club International.  It is largely due to the growth of the Fellowship program that LCIF has been able to meet humanitarian needs around the world.

The Victoria  Lions contribute a substantial amount of dollars ($1,000) to LCIF for each Melvin Jones Award it bestows on its members who have served in exceptional ways.  These contributions help bring medication to prevent blindness, teach children to avoid drugs, and a host of other international needs.

2015 MELVIN JONES FELLOWS.  Front (l-r):  Lion Brian Tjenstrom, Lion Doug Dyer, Lion Tom Bogaard.  Back:  Lion LeRoy Worm, Lion Allan Orsen, Lion Chuck Freiberg, Lion Matt Bergmann, Lion Todd Triethart, Lion Jerry Schmieg.  Lion Leroy, Lion Jerry, and also Lion Wayne Neubarth, being previous recipients, received the Progressive Melvin Jones Award.  Lion Steve Ische accepted on behalf of Lion Wayne, his father in law.

Lion Wilfred Plocher, left, and Lion Jerry Schmieg were recognized as charter members and charter officers of the Victoria Lions Club.

Lion Debra Wasserman of Faribault was emcee of the memorable evening in Victoria.  She is Past District Governor (2003-04) and also Past International Director (2008-10).  “You have a great Lions Club,” she said.  “That’s nothing you don’t know.  Your generosity is known.”

Lion Debra Wasserman spoke about the Melvin Jones Award to her Victoria audience, which included several past recipients of the Melvin Jones Award, like Lion Ray Notermann in the orange shirt.  “The Award is granted in recognition of service to humanity,” she stated.  “When we see an earthquake in Nepal or a flood in Texas.  I know the Lions are there.  You Lions in Victoria have been helping throughout the world through LCIF.”

Lion Todd Triethart, new President of the Victoria Lions Club, stepped to the podium to hand out a few door prizes and thank everyone for coming.  Good luck, Lions.  Thank you for sharing your last supper.

Editor Sue