Lions 50th Anniversary

Victoria Lion Jerry Schmieg, left, and Waterville Lion Jack Webster have known each other for years.  Jerry is charter member of the Victoria Lions who has held several offices and Jack Webster has been instrumental in the annual Bike-A-Thon that raises money for projects to which Lions are generous. 

The Victoria Lions celebrated the 50th anniversary of their founding with a big bash of 170 people on Friday night, October 28th, at their new meeting place, Elstan Hall at St. Victoria.  Those Lions on hand after the prime rib dinner, live music, and other festivities, gathered above for a group photo for the Gazette.  I took many other photos during the festive evening, many of them below.

Preparing the meals for the Lions are Aaron Ketcher and Jill Stieve.

Lion Al Orsen and I were privileged to sit at the fun table with (l-r) Lion Guy Grindberg, Lion Chris Thomes, and Lion John Gamache. 

Victoria Lions President Laura O’Neill welcomed the large crowd to the special occasion.

Elstan Hall at St. Victoria was filled from pillar to pillar with Lions and their spouses.

L-r:  Holly and Lion Brent Romenesko, then two couples from other Lions clubs, and Victoria Lion Tim Sebenaler on the far right.

Front (l-r):  Lion Brian Tjenstrom and his wife Mary, Lori Downs, Janine and Lion Dave Duncan.

Back:  Mark Downs, Lion Mark Lantz and wife Karlyn.

From left to right, that’s Lion Dave Williams and his wife Rosie, Lion Jerry Beneke and his wife Cindy, Lion Mel Hazelwood, Rosie Dyer (wife of DJ Kevin Dyer), and Carol Dyer wife of Lion Doug Dyer.

Robin and Lion Brian Schmieg, Lion Chris Butler and his wife, Lion Larry Dirlam and his wife.

Lisa and husband Lion Ray Notermann, Ann O’Neill (mother of Lions President Laura O’Neill), Lion Jeff Williams and wife Brenda, Kathy and husband Lion Steve Schmieg.”

Lions from other clubs, plus (center, seated) Victoria Lion Mike Jeurissen and wife Joni, Carol and husband Victoria Lion Chuck Schmieg.

Cologne Lion Don Wickenhauser and his wife on the left, Lion Jack Webster of Waterville on the right.

Lion Steve Olson, former Victoria Lion Jerry Keehr and wife Tara, Lion Darvin Ische.

Mary Hershberger Thun and husband Lion Dave Thun, Lion Steve Ische and wife Kim.

Lion Brian Krause and wife Sandy, Irene and husband Lion Pete Kerber.

From left, going around the table:  Lion Jeff Chapman, Lion Tim Kaufhold, Lion Stephanie Meuwissen, Lion Todd Triethart and wife Deedee, Diane Meuwissen, Jennie and husband Lion Jim Costello.

Front:  Lion Doug Hines, Lion Tom Bogaard, Tom’s wife Sue Bogaard, Doug’s wife Susan Schmieg.  Back:  Lion Jack Hines, Lion Mark Hines, Jack’s wife Shannon, Mark’s fiancé Jess Mathwig.

Standing before the crowd at the mic, Lions International Director Bruce Beck and Victoria Lions President Laura O’Neill honor two new incoming members of the Victoria Lions, Bruce Butler and Mike Simon, sponsored by Lion Dave Lura on the far right.

Victoria Lion Steve Federickson and his friend Suz Golloway on the far right.  Next to them with the red tie is Past District Governor Marvin Grimm and his wife.  Others are visiting Carver Lions.

Left around the table:  Laura Schullo (wife of Lion Paul Schullo), Lion Eric and Yvette Huibregtse, Lion Michelle Lewin, Penny Burau, Craig Fasching and Lion Lindsay Schullo (daughter of Paul and Laura).

International Director Bruce Beck and Victoria Lion President Laura O’Neill honoring (in the middle) Past Victoria Lions President Todd Triethart.

Victoria Lions who were able to attend the 50th and remain for the social hour, dinner, entertainment, and program.  Front (l-r):  Tim Sebenaler, Christopher Butler, Steve Olson, Brian Tjenstrom, Al Orsen, Paul Schullo (behind), Jerry Schmieg, Wilfy Plocher (in wheelchair).  Middle:  Geno Mucciacciaro, Mike Simon, Dave Lura (bending), Tom Bogaard, Lindsay Schullo, Steve Ische, Tom Schwartz, Doug Dyer, Ralph Olinger, Martin Teall.  Back:  Brian Schmieg, Mike Jeurissen, Brian Krause, Jack Hines, Ray Notermann, Jeff Chapman, Doug Hines, Tim Kaufhold, Eric Huibregtse, Dave Duncan.

Front (l-r):  Matt Bergmann, Laura O'Neill, Leroy Worm, Jeff Williams, Scott McClelland (behind), Stephanie Meuwissen, Michelle Lewin.  2nd Row:  Brian Olson, Steve Frederickson, Larry Dirlam, Wayne Neubarth, Julie Page, Al Bill.  3rd Row:  Rick Hinze, Dave Thun, Jerry Beneke, Mel Hazelwood, Dave Williams, Todd Triethart, International Director Bruce Beck.  Back:  Mark Lantz, Michael Stambook, Pete Kerber, Mark Hines. 

My first selfie, taken by Lion John.