Leftovers From 2001

These leftovers consist of a group of photos shot in 2001, some by me and many by Allan, but never shown or published anywhere, for whatever reason.  They have various flaws such as poor angles, poor composition, poor lighting, closed eyes, etcetera.  Most are simply personal and for fun.  They are legitimate leftovers from 2001 but. taken as a whole, the photos are a bit interesting and reflect a portion of my life, occasionally flawed, occasionally perfect.  Give it a whirl, if you feel like it.  And don't ask for seconds if the seasoning doesn't suit you.

Hello, Julianne and Mary Moore.  Happy birthday, dear Germaine.  Did you like my nutritious candle holder for breakfast the next morning?

Hi, Mayor Mary and mother Bea Beddor.  Thank you for inviting me.

Hi, Lori, sister Nancypants, and  baby Tori.  It was fun having you spend the night with us.

Hi, niece Sonya.  I'm glad you also liked my Bed and Breakfast.

Hi, brother in law Steve.  Who's makin' bacon?

Hi, Jerry and Jane Michel.  It's nice you came to dinner.

Please notice that my wildflowers match my dinner napkins and the reflection in the wine bottle.  Meanwhile, here's to you and here's to me ...

You can tell when people are comfortable in my home, or if they had too much wine.

Father dear, we miss your stabilizing influence.

Thank you, Mary, for helping with the dishes, this time and every time.  Germaine, take a lesson!

Sometimes we also eat at the Victoria House.  (Oh, really?)

And sometimes we eat at Indian River, Michigan.  This was not the Last Supper but the Last Breakfast before our Last Takeoff.  Otherwise we'd be giggling.

But first Father Elstan had the 8 a.m. Mass.

Some priests have to wear bullet proof vests.

You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy.  Thank you, Jerry and Jane Michel, for the hayride.  It was delightful, as usual.

Swing low, Sweet Chariot with Mary, Me, and Lawrence Welk, I mean Laura Welter

See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.  What the devil's going on!

Hi, Ed Vanderlinde.  How do you keep your socks so white?

Ed, it's not polite to point.

Relax, Ed.  I'm just joshin'.  Point anywhere you want.

A summer storm cracked the facia board gutter right off the soffit on this east side of our house.  I worried about squirrels crawling into our attic but they didn't.

The only ground damage was a cracked flower pot.  I forgot to claim it to the insurance man!

Allan and I always sit on the same end of the dinner table.  It's tradition.  And  I seldom serve leftovers to company … except for this silly page of photos.  Happy New Year!

The End

Love, Sue

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