Last Classic Car Night

Doug and Carol Farmer of Delano own this 1953 Buick Skylark.† In the late 1960ís, watching cars go by at a bus stop, I chose the Skylark as the best looking car.

This is a 1974 Campmobile Volkswagen Westfalia owned by Temmpori Thomas and restored by Wayne Kerber.

A showstopper.† Model T Fords were built between 1908 and 1927.† There was no identification to get details on this one.

Harvey Krohn and Lyle Oddan are volunteers on Classic Car Nights in Victoria.

We admired the stained (not painted) wood spokes in the wheels.

Ron and Cherie Tanghe of Victoria own this 2017 Camaro SS Chevrolet.† I learned that my classmate (Linda Tanghe) at St. Eloi Elementary School in Ghent is a first cousin of Ron.

Brian Carlson of Victoria poses with his 1967 Impala SS Chevrolet.† The shiny finish is reddish maroon in color, like a plumb before itís purple ripe.

Is one picture worth a thousand words?† Then I donít have to say anything about these electrical lines next to Victoria Flats.

Someone lost part of their ice cream cone, and three little ones were intrigued by the dozens of ants who turned the occasion into an ice cream party.

The sun went down on Classic Car† night for the final time in 2017 on Wednesday, September 21st.† It was also the last day of summer.