Dedication of Victoria Elementary School:
A Landmark Among Lakes

On Sunday, September 18th, 2005, District 112 sponsored a Community Open House and Dedication of the brand new Victoria Elementary School.  It was a gorgeous day of sunshine outdoors and good  wishes indoors.

It is the first elementary school in Victoria since both public and parochial elementary schools closed in 1971.

Some of the school's fifth grade students served as "ambassadors" at the Open House, welcoming visitors and answering questions.  Audrey Heitkamp is the daughter of Dave and Cheryl Heitcamp of Victoria.

Gus Sorenson (a first grader at Victoria Elementary School) with his dad Dave Sorenson of Victoria, visited one of the two computer labs attached to the media center at Victoria Elementary.

Whitney Miller (5th grade ambassador) is the daughter of Mitch and Brenda Miller of Victoria and granddaughter of LeRoy and RaNaye Miller of Victoria.

Victoria Holman (1st grader at Victoria Elementary) is the daughter of Dave and Gina Holman of Victoria and granddaughter of Al and Louise Lehner, formerly of Victoria.  Today that desk is on display as an antique.

Shelby Malinksy of Victoria was one of the 5th grade ambassadors at the Open House.

Nancy Malinsky of Victoria joined her daughter in one of the five "cluster" areas.

Grace Sorenson (5th grade ambassador) id the daughter of Dave and Becky Sorenson of Victoria.  Her little brother Gus is back in the computer lab.

The library at Victoria Elementary was a popular spot for visitors.  That's (l-r) Elizabeth Diethelm of Victoria, 5th grader Maria Fumagalli of Victoria, Maria's Aunt Sophia, and, far right, Maria's mother Vicky Cywar of Victoria.

Dave and Rosie Williams of Victoria posed inside one of the more than two dozen classrooms at Victoria Elementary.

Keith and Joan Geske of Victoria are flanked on the right by Cindy Stulz of Victoria (Building Secretary at Victoria Elementary) and her parents, left, Wally and Audrey Higum of Roseville.

Residents, teachers, other staff, administration, school board members, former school board members, and other community people attended the Open House at Victoria Elementary.  Many of them stayed for the two o'clock introductions and presentations in the lunch room.

Victoria Elementary, with a special view of Lake Wasserman from the lunchroom, joins a dozen other schools in District 112, including Bluff Creek Elementary, Chanhassen Elementary, Chaska Elementary, East Union Elementary, Jonathan Elementary, Clover Ridge Elementary, Chaska Middle School West, Chaska Middle School East, Pioneer Ridge Freshman Center, Chaska High School, Early Childhood Center, and Carver-Scott Educational Cooperative.

Minnesota State Representative Paul Kohls of Victoria, left, exchanged greetings and salutations with District 112 Superintendent David Jennings.

(Left to right):  Susan Gulstrand of Excelsior (1st grade teacher at Victoria Elementary), Pam Gades of Eden Prairie (2nd grade teacher at Victoria Elementary), and Kay Molnau of Chaska (principal's secretary at Victoria Elementary).

(Left to right):  Bonnie Menken (District 112 Director of Curriculum and Instruction), Nancy Kracke (District 112 Director of Communications), and Nancy Wittman (first Principal of Victoria Elementary School).

This playground area is located just next to Victoria Elementary, on the hill from which you get beautiful views of Lake Wasserman and the Victoria countryside.

Thank you, teachers, staff, students, and board members of District 112, for everything good, including the cookies and apple juice.  And, as board member Diane Koban said, "Thank you, taxpayers."

The End

Love, Sue