Lake Minnetonka Regional Park

A highlight of my life is having our children Jenny and Nick with us together with their families.

Jenny took some pictures too

Back Home in Victoria

Love you.

It’s fun to watch the grandchildren interact and get to know each other better.

Addie is 11 and her little cousin Sophie is 5.

Mia is four and can make funny faces.

It was a perfectly temperate afternoon on Sunday, August 10th.

There were enough clouds to keep the sun’s brightest rays at bay.

There were enough breezes to keep the skin cool and comfortable.

Gunnar is 9.

Forecast for the day had predicted 60% to 80% chance of rain and so few people showed up at the Lake Minnetonka Regional Park.

It was for us like a private beach, a private lake, a private time with our kids and grandkids.

Nick was digging a hole to China.

There was no rain, only a wonderful  day with our family.

Time to renew the suntan spray.