Krystal's Wedding ~ 2006

Krystal Claeys, my niece who is the firstborn of my brother Bernie and his wife Margene, was married back home on Saturday, July 8th, at St. Edward's Catholic Church in Minneota, Minnesota.  It was a hot and humid day, as much of this summer has been.  It was also an enjoyable three-day family weekend for me and Allan and the kids at a hotel in Marshall.  I didn't take the camera out very often so I didn't capture everybody here -- including even Allan and Nick and Krystal's brothers Jake and Joe and many other cousins, uncles, aunts, and in-laws -- but Allan also snapped a few here and there and that's just the way it is when you're having fun!!

We arrived a day early in order to take advantage of the swimming pool at the hotel and other amenities, including each other.  Hi, good daughter Jenny and good granddaughter Addie Sue.

Hi, good son in law Christopher and good grandson Gunnar Ray.

As you may have noticed neither Allan and I nor our good son Nick are pool enthusiasts.

After the Saturday afternoon wedding service some of us stopped at the watering hole in nearby Ghent.  Addie and Gunnar also quenched their thirst.

Since the wedding reception, dinner, and dance were held at the Best Western in Marshall -- where we reserved a couple of large rooms for us city folks from Victoria and Northfield -- we could easily stop by to freshen up a bit after the wedding ceremony in Minneota.  Allan thinks he's becoming a photographer like me.  Can you tell?

If my brothers kept their eyes open, you might notice they're all brown like mine.  That's (l-r) Louie, Matt, and Paul.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lindquist.

Many cousins joined Krystal on the dance floor.  Surely you recognize some of them.

My brother Bernie -- who is the oldest of my four younger brothers -- and daughter Krystal make a handsome dancing duo.

'Twas my mother Betty Ann who taught most of us how to dance.

Lindsay Claeys is the younger sister of Krystal, and Brian is her new boyfriend.

Hi, little Sweetie Pie Honey Bun Addie Sue.  Love those matching red shoes.

Are you trying to copy Grandma Sue?

What would new moms and dads do without baby monitors!  Jenny heard the stirrings of Gunnar in their hotel room down the way and ran to rescue him after a nap.  That's my sister Nancy on the far left and my mom on the far right.

Hi (left to right), brother Bernie Claeys, nephew Bill Boerboom, brother Matt Claeys, and dear Dad.

Hi, sister Nancy and husband Steve Boerboom.

Hi, brother Bernie (left), father of the bride, and Margene, mother of the bride, and Brian, center, friend of their daughter Lindsay.

Hi, Mama in the middle and Aunt Norma on the right, wife of Uncle Mike Opdahl.

Hi, Sharon and Paul (left) and Mom on the right with her son in law Steve.

Hi, handsome brother Matt on the left and handsome dad Joe on the right.

The girls in the family (L-r):  my sister Nancy, my mom Betty, me, and my sister Barb.

Congratulations and best wishes to you, Krystal, and to your husband Christopher.  May you live happily ever after.

Weddings and hotels and swimming pools are some of the funnest things in the whole wide world

Oh, and did I mention Breakfast Buffets with fried bacon, scrambled eggs, waffles, sausage links, fresh fruit, cereals, milk and juice and other good things?

The End

Love, Sue