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The Musing and Selfie of a “Retired Old Victoria Goat” by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  “On May 11th at 1:58 p.m., I metaphorically pushed my last piece of chalk and entered the world of retirement after a 39-year teaching career.  Armed with a cushy pension and ceremonial goobye, I now join the ranks of the aged who have to decide what to do everyday.”

Fueling Up Right by Clayton Fox, Victoria Personal Trainer.  “As you know, machines run on fuel and it amazes me how much time and money people are willing to spend on a dispensable machine like a car and neglect the one they are stuck with their entire life, their body.”

The Art of Putting by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  “Putting has been called a game within a game.  But it also involves the end results of the game — getting the ball into the hole.”

Breaking the Silence by Randy Maluchnik, Carver County Commissioner.  “Drug addiction has incredible adverse effects on families and drains the pockets of taxpayers.  Local government officials must set the tone in conversations about opioids by breaking the silence and speaking candidly and compassionately about the crisis in our nation.”

Grading Lakes in the MCWD by Telly Mamayek, Minnehaha Creek Watershed District.  “Based on the amount of clarity, algae and nutrients in the District’s lakes, the 2016 Lake Grades Report generally shows little change from previous years.  Most Victoria lakes are included in this summarized listing.”

Fancy Fun Family Cakes by Sue Orsen.  “There was a cake for Sophie Orsen on May 7th, 2017, the day of her First Holy Communion, and a cake for Mom and Dad on May 20h, 2017, on the day of their 70th wedding anniversary.”

Postmaster Barb Hoffman Retires by Sue Orsen.  “After nearly 20 years at the Victoria Post Office, Postmaster Barb Hoffman has retired.  Her last day was Friday, May 26th.  It was a shock to most people, since Barb isn’t one to talk about herself or her life.  She is usually the one who asks how other people are doing.”

The Gift of a Friend by Pastor Kevin Dibbley, Waterbrooke Christian Church.  “Friendship is one of those precious gifts whose worth is largely unappreciated until it is lost through distance or death or it is strengthened through trials and hardships.”

Vending in Victoria at the Lions Spring Fling by Sue Orsen.  “In the past I have highlighted individuals and guests who enjoy themselves at the even.  This time I decided to highlight the vendors.  After all, they are the ones looking for a little attention.”

Grilling Season is Best by Christie Schlueter, Regular Visitor to Victoria.  “Let’s consider Grill Mushroom Skewers, Grille Cheesy Garlic Potatoes, Lemon Butter Lobster Tails, and Grilled Fruit with Ice Cream.”

Ten Years with Randy Miller by Sue Orsen, The Victoria Gazette.  “He came fast and went fast.  The time in between his coming and going measured exactly ten years.  Randy Miller moved to the Stieger Lake Condos of Victoria in November 2006.  In November 2016 he began to experience health problems and he disappeared from the public square.  It happened so fast.”

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Tourism and Agriculture in the Land of the Dacotahs by Bill Olson, Victoria Manager, MCWD.  “Longfellow’s poem was published in 1855 to immediate success and, though the poet never actually visited the area, his work ensured the fame of Minnehaha Falls throughout Europe and America.”

Victoria Lions Honor Their Own by Sue Orsen.  “After dinner, Outgoing Lions President Laura O’Neill announced nine recipients of the Melvin Jones Award, three recipients of the Hearing Fellowship Award, and one recipient of the District Governor’s Legacy of Service Award.”

More Checks from KleinBank by Matthew Klein, Chief Consumer Banking Officer.  “KleinBank presented a check for $2,000 to Restart Inc, a nonprofit that teaches basic skills to adults with brain injury, and a check for $1,550 to VEAP, one of the largest food pantries in the state.”

The Great Big Wheel by Jodi Jetson, MN State Fair.  “One of the tallest traveling giant Ferris wheels in North America is coming to the 2017 MN State Fair.  It will carry riders to a height of 156 feet.  Twelve trailers are required to transport the 200-ton ride.”

Victoria’s Library Log by Author.  “The library summer schedule is full of programs and performances for children and teens.  All programs are free.  There are many programs for adults too.”

A New Dog for Father Bob White by Sue Orsen.  “Fr. Bob introduced his new pal to parishioners at weekend Masses on May 27th/28th.  The pal is a Golden Retriever named Arlo, after the 1960’s folk singer Arlo Guthrie.”

A Tribute to Mr. Victoria by Mary Hershberger Thun, Former Mayor of Victoria.  “Randy Miller, described by some as the energizer bunny, was not shy nor was he reticent in any way.  We all knew where we stood with Randy.  He never wavered and when he believed, he marched to his own drummer and rarely, if ever, took no for an answer, always negotiating a deal whenever possible.”

Dalles Notermann, 79, died May 2nd.

John Randall Miller, 70, died May 8th.

Evelyn Notermann, 97, died April 25th.

Dorothy Plocher Hill, 93, died May 9th.

Margaret Kinney died April 11th.

June 2017