It’s Only Just Begun

Summer in Victoria means Classic Car Nights and Concerts on Wednesday evenings in downtown Victoria.  It started up again in June 2016 and it’s only just begun.

Tenley DeJong, age 1, danced to the music of “Just One More” and didn’t want to leave the concert.  Mother Stephanie allowed Tenley to enjoy just one more.

Most days, Victoria’s parking lots don’t look like this.

Twisted Oak brought their own brick oven and served wood fired pizza by the slice, one after the other.

John Wall and Logan served hamburgers and hotdogs outdoors on behalf of Vic’s Bar and Grill.

Joe Lieser, Branch Manager of KleinBank Victoria, volunteers at Classic Car Night.  Sometimes classic motorcycles, classic fire engines, and classic trucks also make an appearance.”

This little tyke had a dance platform all to herself, and some of us in the audience had the dance show all to ourselves as we smiled at each other.

Mayor Tom O’Connor and his wife Cathi are usually in the audience, this time listening to the country music of “Up South.”

Brandon and Ashlee Wallis, owners of both the School of the Wise restaurant and The Social ice cream shop in downtown Victoria, and their children Madison, 5, and Taylor, 3, found a boulder in the park that fit them just right. 

The 1974 Olds Cutlass is owned by Roger Hammers of Victoria, the same Roger Hammers who makes giant party pizzas with his wife Michelle.

Bob and Doris Schmieg of Victoria (left) and Rita and Ray Quist of Mound found seating on the patio of Bayfront Park.  Bob and Rita are brother and sister.

Laura, whose Cornerstone Insurance Office is in the Lakeside Building in downtown Victoria, explained how NASCAR came to Victoria.  “One of the companies we represent is Nationwide Insurance, and they are one of Dale Jr.’s lead sponsors,” she said.  “As part of their sponsorship they have a show car available to their agents to bring to their hometowns.”

Laura O’Neill poses with her cardboard friend and identified him for me.  He is Dale Earnhardt Jr., one of the top active drivers in NASCAR. He won the Daytona 500 twice and has also won the Most Popular Driver Award 13 times.  His father Dale Earnhardt Sr. was killed on the final lap in the Daytona 500.

Jim Becker of Clear Lake, Minnesota, drove his 1967 Chevy Corvair Monza to the car show in Victoria.

Back in the summer of 2014, Cory and Sarah LeClere of Victoria were photographed with their twin baby boys Harrison and Charles who are now 2 years old and they have a baby sister named Cora.  Neighbors Vicki and Roger Bont are on the right.

The 1957 Ford Thunderbird is owned by Jeff and Dawn Taylor of Cologne.

Mayors often get in the picture whether they like it or not.

That’s the same Mayor Tom O’Connor as above (but on a different night) and former Mayor Mary Hershberger Thun.

This is the new Charlson Thun Community Bandstand which was the centerpiece of a grand opening and celebration this spring.

I wonder if the fishermen on Stieger Lake can hear the music coming from the bandstand.

Hi, Guys.  That’s Johnny Zing and Dave Maetzold in front, and Dr. Bob Coates and Dan Engel in back.

This view from the bandstand makes the boulder seats appear as bales of hay in a field of lush alfalfa.