July Concerts in the Park

Love, Sue

I was able to attcend two of the three Concerts in Lions Park in Victoria during July and both were just excellent.  First was the Chaska Valley Community Band and then the 7 Cats Swing Band.

The brass section of the Chaska Valley Community Band.

From front to back, Ben and Julie Nosal, Jerry and Jane Michel, Bill and Donna Schneider.

Under the direction of Barry Fox, many of the 150 members of the Band had a spot at the Lions Shelter

Mayor Mary Hershberber Thun and husband Dave are avid concert goers.

This is the 7 Cats Swing Band on a platform provided by Hartman Companies of Victoria.

Waterbrooke Fellowship of Victoria had a sizeable contingent to the concert including Pastors Bill and Maureen Bonner and their daughter Anshu.

Victoria residents (l-r) Nan Emmer, Linda McNulty, andMary Hadaway enjoy the comfort and conversation of the evening.

7 Cats through the Eye of a Komat’su.