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In This Centennial Year:  Victoria is a Destination by Sue Orsen/The Victoria Gazette“More than anything else, the four restaurant establishments in downtown Victoria and their summer sidewalk dining have made it a destination.  The variety or menus and venues within a compact, two-block strolling area draws hundreds of residents and their families, and many people from neighboring communities.”  Click on Front Page.

The East to West Corridor of Fun and Smells by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  “What a corridor of fun and smells from the eastern edge of the Ski Factory, Battery Dump, and Town Dump, heading westward to the gas tanks and lumber shacks, and then to a field of tractors at the Braunworth Hardware and International Harvester dealership.”

Somer Personal Memories of the Victoria Village Hall by Steve Jesberg, Former Resident of Victoria.  “Tom Steinberger and I coached the St. Victoria Red Devils basketball team when the Village Hall first opened up in 1966.  Before then, we never had a home court.  We played all away games.”

From the Lions Den by Todd Triethart, Lions President.  “Come join us for the 48th annual Victoria Lions Softball Tournament on July 17th, 18th, 19th, at Lions Park where there’ll be great food, great action, and great fellowship.”

Taking Your Temperature by Bill Olson, Victoria, MCWD Manager.  “According to the scientific survey, District residents really do care about clean water.  About 98% said protecting water  quality is very or somewhat important.  About 80% said the water quality in their neighborhoods has beome better or improved in the past 5-10 years.”

A Final Peek by Author.  “The kitchen is piled high with heating and air conditioning pipes.  The bathrooms are littered with boards and wall boards.  The sinks and fixtures remain in place along with the toilets and ceramic tile.  Demolition is scheduled for July.”

Fix What’s Broken and Don’t Break What Works by Randy Maluchnik, Carver County Board Chair.  “Carver County ranks fourth nationwide in the Happiest Places in America category, according to a new study.

Victoria’s Library Log by Kathy Perschmann, Carver County Librarian.  “There is something for all ages at the Victoria Library.”

Tater Daze 2015 in Brooklyn Park by Sue Orsen.  “Can you pick our Daughter Jenny, Son Nick, Grandchildren Addie and Gunnar, Grandchildren Sophie and Mia, and Grandpa Al?”

Loretta Diethelm, 87, died May 6th at Abbott Norwestern Hospital.

Myrtle Williams, 84 died June 8th at her home.


Picking the Mayor’s Mind by Sue Orsen/The Victoria Gazette.  Replied Mayor Tom O’Connor,  “What is clear is that the picketers want to drive the building owner out of business.  I do not want to lose the grocery store, and I ask Victoria and other area residents to support this very important City asset.”

The Boys of Summer by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent.  “This monthly musing would be remiss if this time of year arrived and we hadn’t had some good baseball stories.  As the good and faithful readers will recall, the summers past included coaching sons One and Two at various levels of little league.”

Trying to Keep that Hook from Hooking by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  “The really good player has a hook swing that doesn’t hook.  The hook swing puts the body and hands in the proper position to hit the golf ball solid.  But that position can lead to a hooked shot.  Not fun.”

The Race for a Secondary Education by Joe Blake, Victoria Student Columnist.  “While I am thrilled for the new knowledge that I will obtain this fall, and throughout my junior year of high school, I’m also nervously anticipating the difficult process that looms over the horizon, of putting together my college applications.”

Opening One Door, Closing Another Door by Chuck Freiberg, Up North Cabin Guy.  “For the last 12 years, the chef that I painted on our kitchen door to the garage has watched over us and all our numerous dinner parties and celebrations.”

Victoria Resident is Mrs. Minnesota Nicole Saliny won the crown of Mrs. Minnesota on June 20th in Bloomington.  Nicole and husband Morgan Saliny live in the Laketown neighborhood.  Nicole’s parents, Roger  and Barb Carlson, live in Deer Run.

Sweet Summertime by Christie Schlueter, Regular Victoria Visitor.  “Summertime is here when July arrives and also the best tastes of summer here.  These recipes will be sure to please everyone and cool you off:  Strawberry Cream Pie, Blueberry Greek Yogurt Popsicles, Watermelon Salad, and Turtle Ice Cream Pie.”

30 Years Ago the Gazette featured “Father Elstan and Frieda” who arrived at St. Victoria on June 19th.

20 Years Ago the Gazette featured Jean Coleman in “Strawberry Fields Forever.”

10 Years Ago the Gazette featured the American flag flying in Victoria in “O’er the Land of the Free.”  The American Flag flies at the Lake Auburn Moravian Church, at the entrance to the Deer Run Golf Course, the entrance to the Victoria Recreation Center, at Lions Park, at several gravesites in the St. Victoria Cemetery, at City Hall, and other places in town.

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July 2015