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City of Lakes and High Water by Sue Orsen/The Victoria Gazette“There are many lakes in Victoria, at least a dozen, so when record rain hits as it did in June, there is a lot of high water in Victoria.  According to resident Elaine Williams and her rain gauge, Victoria received 12.7 inches of rain as of June 27th.”  Click on Front Page for more.

Victoria in State of EmergencyExtended to July 23rd..  “Whereas significant rain has impacted and is expected to further impact the City of Victoria and significant rain evens have caused or are expected to cause significant amount of public property damage …”

MN State 2014 Planting Project by Sue Orsen.  “Throughout the spring season in Victoria, and a few miles east of Victoria, roadside planting has been occurring along Hwy 5 like someone is envisioning a roadside arboretum.”

Watershed Wetland Turns Into Lake by Sue Orsen.  “It was last year, in February 2013, that the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District excavated and improved a wetland area on the south side of Hwy 5 in Victoria.”

First Annual Bike Konnect by Sue Orsen.  “Over 100 bikers geared up for this event, celebrating trail connections between the two cities of Victoria and Chaska, funded in part by a federal transportation grant.”

Rhapsody Park by Sue Orsen.  “The shelter was constructed in 2007.  By year end 2012, Rhapsody Park saw the final grading, seeding installation of a ballfield, and half basketball court.  It is a beautiful neighborhood park.”

South Lake Virginia Shores Park by Author.  “The Met Council used this park as its staging area for the Victoria Interceptor Sewer Tunnel Project which began in 1990.  In return, they rebuilt and improved the park and to what it is today.”

So What’s Your Intuition? by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  “I’m going to try to put into words and idea that is fundamental to how I see the world.  Hopefully it will make sense and not be boring.”

Trail Connection Enriches by Randy Maluchnik, Carver County Commissioner.  “We celebrate the construction of the first segments of the Southwest Regional Trail between the Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail and the Minnesota River Bluffs Regional Trail.”

David Lindgren, 75, died Tuesday, June 17th.

David Schimschock, 49, died Saturday, May 31st.

Pastor Hogenson Called by Nicole Schnell, Mount Olivet West Campus..  “He will be the  eighth Senior Pstor of Mount Olivet Lutheran Church, effective August 1st, 2014.”

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July 2014

The Victoria GAZETTE

Dedicated to the sunshine of truth,

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and the starshine of Victoria.

Living in Scotland Links Thoughts to Victoria by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  “This old Victoria Gazette international correspondent and journalist just returned from a four-month vacation, I mean sabbatical, where I was fortunate to live and teach in Scotland for a month.”

Classic Car Nights Continue by Sue Orsen.  “It was another wonderful evening in Victoria, with 112 classic cars participating and approximately 550 people attending.”

Picking the Mayor’s Mind by Sue Orsen.  Replied Mayor Tom O’Connor, “In response to the rising water levels, Public Works and the Fire Department helped residents deal with threats to homes by filling 2,000 sandbags with 45 tons of sand and devoting more than 500 person hours in the attempt to protect homes.”

My Favorite Five Herbs by Christie Schlueter, Regular Victoria Visitor.  “Herbs are an essential ingredient for cooking and also good for health reasons.  Which ones to grow?  The ones that you would use the most.”

All in the Seasons by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent.  “A couple of Fridays ago, the Cowboy sat perched on his deck, with a malted beverage, after the day’s work and mowing and weeding.  The sky had cleared after a week of rain and more rain.”

The Annual St. Victoria Choir Party by Sue Orsen.  “Some choir members sing their hearts out all the way down past their tonsils.”

At Lions Park by Sue Orsen.  “In the midst of heavy rainfalls and record water levels, there was a beautiful evening at Lions Park.  Nearly 100 people gathered to listen to familiar country western music and the sun shone on us.”

At ENKI Brewing by Sue Orsen.  “The first day of Summer, Saturday, June 21st, was a perfect day for ENKI to hold its 1st Anniversary Party.”

Managing the Common Carp by Bill Olson, Victoria, MCWD Manager.  “Common carp are very likely a key cause of poor water quality in the Six Mile chain of lakes, which begins at Pierson Lake in Laketown Township.”

The Take on Binge Eating by Author.  “What goes on in our hearts produces the fruit of our behavior.  If we have good desires and thoughts, what comes forth is good and God-honoring.”

30 Years Ago the Gazette featured Lenny and Ardes Koehnen in “The Old Man and His Lake.”

20 Years Ago the Gazette featured Dan Steinhagen and Victoria veterans in “On Hallowed Ground.”

10 Years Ago the Gazette featured the groundbreaking and upcoming Victoria Elementary School in “A Breakthrough.”



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