Jennyís Master Bath Project

Love, Mom and Dad

Off and on over the last year, Jenny has updated the bathroom in their master bedroom.† She and Chris tore out the old tub and the old sheetrock.† They tore out the old vanity, the sink and cabinets, the mirror and lighting and toilet and floor.† In plain language, they stripped it bare.

They put in the new walls and crown molding.† They laid hardwood floor to match the rest of their house.† The installed a big new bathtub and toilet and a beautiful new vanity with sink and cabinets and lighting.† The project when we were at their house in January was to get the ceramic tile installed.

Jenny designed it, chose the tiles, and installed it with the help of her dad.† It took five whole days, from just after breakfast to supper time, to get the job done.† It was a bear of a job but they stuck to it and it turned out beautiful.† I kept stopping in to say hi and check on their progress.

Good job, Jenny.† When you have the towel bars, mirror, and shelving put up, Iíll add them to this page so we can see your whole beautiful renovation project.