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We Can Do Better by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent.  “Rather than call it a New Year’s resolution, this year I have a New Year’s wish, in which I shall attempt to participate more heartily.  It shall simply be referred to as ‘Dump the Apathy.’”

Christmas Boxes in Victoria and Across the Land by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  “As a doting and multitude gift-giving grandparent, I have noticed that the gifts kids receive still include some old classics — like the Cardboard Box, the Popcorn Popper, The Pull Phone, and the Johnny Jump Up.”

Christmas Lighting Scenes at Sovereign Winery in Waconia by Sue Orsen.  “The display of lights was indeed amazing.  There were firepits and heat lamps to help keep us warm as we strolled among the trees, from one exhibit to the next along with young families and even babies in strollers.”

Christmas Carols at Good Sam’s in Waconia by Sue  Orsen.  “Nearly 20 parishioners of St. Victoria showed up to entertain with Christmas carols, and at least 40 residents of Good Sam’s were on hand for the Christmas Serenade and then Mass, celebrated by Fr. Bob White, who brought Arlo with him.”

Victoria’s Library Log by Kathy Bognanni, Carver County Branch Manager.  “All Carver County libraries will be closed January 1st and January 15th.  Bring in your technology questions any time that the Victoria Library is open.”

To Move Forward, We Must Remember the Past by Bill Olson, Victoria, MCWD Board of Managers.  “The Dakota lived throughout what now the MCWD around Lake Minnetonka, the Chain of Lakes in Minneapolis, and along Minnehaha Creek.  They tended to move seasonally, allowing the land to rest and rebound.”

Mike Poppitaz, 69, died Wednesday, December 6th.  “Mike was best known as the pillar of the Victoria Vics baseball team.  For 36 years he played, scouted, coached, and managed the Vics.  He was the steadfast and all encompassing grounds crew of his namesake, Poppitz Field, dedicated in 2009.”

We Need More Skilled Workers by Congressman Jim Nash, Waconia.  “In the upcoming session, my goal is to further the connections between public schools and trade industries to create a pathway to good paying jobs for our students who want to learn a skill and work with their hands.”

Time to Address Health Care by Senator Dr. Scott Jensen, Chaska.  “In light of the Affordable Care Act’s individual insurance mandate being repealed, I wanted to share some thoughts on the topic and start conversation about what we could do to make sure every Minnesotan has access to emergency care services, without breaking the bank.”

In the Neighborhood “The Chanhassen Evening Club Rotary finished their 3rd annual service project providing meals and gifts for Carver County Veterans.”

Remembering Mike Poppitz by Sue Orsen.  Items from past issues of the Gazette.

2017 ~ A Year of New Businesses … by Sue Orsen, The Victoria Gazette.  “2017:  A Year of New Businesses, New Neighborhoods, Individual Awards, New Chapters in People’s Lives, and Deaths that touched many of us.”  In recalling the year we’ve just lived through, I found that many things congregated into five distinct categories.”  Click on Front Page.

Winter Practice by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  “Just this w eek I’ve been swamped with emails from people asking about what to practice over the winter months.  For most of us, our homes aren’t a good place to hit full shots.  Fortunately, there are indoor facilities that are made to handle big swings.”

Take Advantage of SW Prime” by Tom Vogt, Victoria City Councilmembet.  “Did you hear the exciting news?  SW Prime, an on-demand ride service, will be available in Victoria starting January 2nd.  Commuters may request a ride through a smartphone app, online, or by phone.”

Dedication of Randy Miller Memorial by Sue Orsen/The Victoria Gazette.  “Larisa Zeizler warmed hearts of Randy’s family and friends as she introduced the afternoon and public recognition of Randy Miller and the mark that he left on Victoria.  Former Mayor Mary Hershberger Thun spoke of howe Randy affected and influenced Victoria in profound ways

Horse and Buggy Rides by Sue Orsen.  “Rich and Kris Mueller of Arlington, owners of the horse and buggy at Christmas in Victorias, gave the Victoria Business Association a special rate as a favor to the people of Victoria.”

Downtown Christmas in Winter Splendor by Sue Orsen.  “Dan Norton, co-founder of Enki Brewing in Victoria, was asked to man the firepit in Bayfront Park.  Many visitors joined Dan at the firepit after sunset.”

Santa and the Choir by Sue Orsen.  “A choir from the Chanhassen High School entertained, and then they gathered at the Victoria House, it seemed especially for the editor of the Victoria Gazette.  Santa Claus, who arrived courtesy of the Victoria Fire Department, was a main attraction.”

Sharpen Your Pencil by Author Unknown.  “Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil; it has no point.  I pray God bless you in ways you never even dreamed.”

Hearty Soup/Sandwich Combos by Christie Schleuter, Regular Victoria Visitor.  “Winter means hot meals that warm you up.  A good heavier soup served with a sandwich along the side will make you feel nice and toasty.  Pair any of these soups with the sandwiches for a full meal.”

“Lately You May Have Heard Some Talk Around Talk” by Randy Maluchnik, Carver County Commissioner.  “The MN Landscape Arboretum has offered the use of a parcel in Victoria along the north side of 82nd Street, just to the east of Bavaria Road, as a brush collection site at no cost to the County.”

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January 2018