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Three Resolutions for 2017 by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria .  “I resolve to fish more in 2017.  More specifically, I will fish Victoria lakes more.  I resolve to eat more sensibly in 2017, just as I did in 1967 or 1977.  I resolve not to die.  Pardon the boldness of the prophecy, but I just need to hang around a big longer.”

Backyard Eatery and Exercise by Sue Orsen.  “Earlier this year, at my request, Allan strung a couple corn cobs on a rope between two trees in our backyard — like we did in earlier days when our kids were younger.  Now I wanted to show the grandkids what our talented squirrels can do.”

Salt in Our Fresh Water by Bill Olson, MCWD.  “’Salt of the earth’ means a decent and honorable person.  Salt in the water, on the other hand, means a serious environmental issue that’s virtually impossible to reverse.  High saltwater concentrations can make groundwater unsafe to drink and toxic to many aquatic plants and animals.”

County Snowplowers Go Miles and Miles Before They Sleep by Randy Maluchnik, Carver County Commissioner.  “In Carver County, all roads are equal in the eyes of Public Works.  That means when the snow falls, it’s the work of the Public Works crew to get 276 miles of roadway plowed as quickly as possible.  Those are centerlines miles, which translate to 723 lane miles of 1,440 pass miles.”

Thank You, Tom O’Connor and Lani Basa by Sue Orsen.  “Several dozen people showed up at School of the Wise in downtown Victoria on Monday evening, December 19th, for an Open House Reception in honor of outgoing Mayor O’Connor and outgoing Councilmember Basa.  Some of them were caught when I pulled out my camera.”

The Poinsettia Project by Kurt Zuppke, Victoria Lions Club.  “Saturday, December 10th, marked the first ever Poinsettia Project sponsored by the Victoria Lions club.  We ventured out in 10-degree weather to deliver flowers to Emerald Crest, the Marie Steiner Kelting Hospice, and Auburn Manor.”

So Now What? by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent. “As we mere mortals continue to mark time, the question always arises at this time of year, ‘So now what?’  Or, perhaps more appropriately, ‘What did we learn?’  When do we learn to smile and love and work for the things we hold dear?”

Remember When the Victoria Senior Citizens met regularly in the Acorn House, and so did the Victoria Chamber of Commerce, a Preschool, and the Victoria Athletic Association?  There was a Volunteer Library on the first floor.  The Victoria Park and Rec Department officed up on the second floor.”

Remember When by the barn next to the Acorn House became headquarters and a storage place for the Victoria Lions and also a recreational center for youth sports?

As We Turn the Corner into 2017 by Sue Orsen, Victoria Gazette.  “As we turn that corner it is good to stop for a moment and glance into the rearview mirror to see where we’ve been in Victoria.  The tracks reveal that growth continues to follow us and change the landscape in large and significant ways.”  Click on Front Page.

A Year for Connection by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  “The big word in sales nowadays is connection.  I love it.  In my youth I went through a lot of sales training and sales seminars.  They were not about connection.  They were about manipulation.”

Picking the Mayor’s Mind by Sue Orsen.  Replied Mayor Tom O’Connor, “As we begin the New Year of 2017, I humbly offer a few suggestions from my Wish List that, in my opinion, would make our nation and the world a better place.”

Making Every Day a Holiday by Sue Orsen.  “If you’re not in these pictures, there’s a chance you’re online in Sue’s Album.  The photos that I chose for this spread make a good overview of our personal past year with friends and family.”

With Friends Family in 2016 by Sue Orsen.  “If one picture is worth a thousand words, there is little left to say, except that it was a wonderful 2017 and we have many reasons to give thanks.”

Everything is Better with Bacon … or Beer by Christie Schlueter, Regular Victoria Visitor.  “In recent years, more and more independent breweries are popping up in our backyards.  It is great to taste the beer that is available, but how about using it in cooking?  I have found that experimenting is quite fun.”

Follow the Sunbeam by Pastor Kevin Dibbley, Waterbrooke Church.  “As we enter a New Year, and we find ourselves longing for the glory days of the past or for better days than we have ever known, my prayer is that we might realize that the deepest and most lasting joys are for those who can trace the sunbeams  back up to the Son.”

Marie Steiberger, 92, died December 28th.

Donna Tom Schneider, 83, died December 27th.

Doug Vanderlinde, 62, died December 6th.

Willard Bongard, 93, died December 15th.

Chester Kraus, 81, died December 10th.

Phyllis Sutcliffe, 82, died December 17th.

Children of the Greatest Generation submitted by Mal MacAlpiney, Victoria.  “Born in the 1920’s and 1930’s, we exist as a very special age cohort.  We are the Silent Generation.  We are the smallest number of children born since the early 1900’s.  We are the last generation, climbing out of the depression, who can remember the winds of war and the impace of a world at war which rattled the structure of our daily lives for years.”

January 2017