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January 2015

The Victoria GAZETTE

Dedicated to the sunshine of truth,

the moonshine of meeting deadlines,

and the starshine of Victoria.



Waconia  952-442-2885

A Watershed Year by Sue Orsen/The Victoria Gazette“The year 2014 has now disappeared into the fast moving stream and it seems to have been a watershed year as it drained into the past.  A bird’s eye view of the watershed year helps identify the common set of streams and rivers that came together at the end.”  Click on Front Page.

Thank You for Supporting Us by Tom Schwartz, President, Victoria Lions Club.  “The Lions had a very busy and successful year in 2014.  Despite challenges, which included news of a loss in 2015 of our meeting space, when the old City Hall is torn down, the Lions have contributed much to the community and added new members in 2014.”

Lutefisk at Mount Olivet in Minneapolis by Sue Orsen.  “When we attend the annual Lutefisk Feed downtown, we feel to home.  We don’t have to speak Norwegian, but it helps if you love lutefisk and lefse, and we do.  We also enjoy the boiled potato with melted butter, the pickled beets, and the rice pudding drizzled with lingonberries.”

Super Soups for Winter Days by Christie Schlueter, Regular Victoria Visitor.  “Nothing is better to eat than a bowl of soup in the winter.  It warms you up and can be very healthy.  Here are some of my favorite recipes that I make often during the cold days.”

The MN Landscape Arboretum by Sue Orsen.  “Attractive and impressive monuments advertise places such as the Arboretum.  Victoria is now connected to the Arboretum with a bike trail along Hwy 5.”

A Wrapping of Wreaths by Sue Orsen.  “The large and impressive entrance monument to the Lakebridge neighborhood in Victoria was decorated with evergreen wreaths and holly for the Christmas season.”

A Blue Christmas by Sue Orsen.  “The Victoria House in downtown Victoria received a new paint job and face lift in 2014 that made it a standout in the community like no other establishment.  It is painted blue.”

Turkey Silhouettes by Sue Orsen.  “Having survived Thanksgiving 2014, the wild turkeys came out to feed and decorate the snow hills in late December.  In the evening they disappear into the trees and perch high in the branches to avoid becoming a turkey dinner for those who would have them.”

Loren Seeley, 80, died Monday, November 24th.

Evelyn Ische, 89,  Died Sunday, November 30th.

William Kelly, 79, died December 15th.

Robert K. Williams, 92, died December 5th.

Picking the Mayor’s Mind by Sue Orsen.  “Thank you, Mayor Tom O’Connor, for steering us successfully through 2014.  I welcome your thoughts on the Old Year and your anticipation for the New Year.” 

Finding Spirits of the Season by Chuck Freiberg, Up North Cabin Guy.  “We headed straight north to the cabin.  The sky was so clear and the stars were all decked out.  It was beautiful.  The beauty of the night was forgotten when we discovered once again we had not water.  Once again we had to be frontiersmen in the woods.”

Practicing in the Winter by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  “For most of us, our homes aren’t a good place to hit full shots.  Fortunately there are indoor facilities that are made to handle big swings.  But your home is a good place to practice putting and even chip shots.”

Christmas in Downtown Victoria by Sue Orsen.  “It was a perfect 38-degree winter evening on Saturday, December 6th.  Santa Claus arrived in Victoria Fire Truck at 3 p.m.  Mayor Tom O’Connor greeted the crowd and turned the lights on the Victoria Christmas Tree after it grew dark.”

Victoria Roads in County Plans by Randy Maluchnik, Carver County Commissioner.  “Carver County has begun working with the City of Victoria on planning and programming upgrades to Rolling Aces Road (County Road 13) and is partnering with Victoria to perform a feasibility study for future upgrades to Marsh Lake Road, which will become a county highway.”

Somebody Please Step Up by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent.  “All right then, the fans and fannies have been clamoring for the annual sports review from the Gazette’s great sports mind and mildly opinionated Cowboy Correspondent.”

A Quilt and Blanket of Snow by Sue Orsen.  “The barn quilt on the old Kerber Barn during Christmas Season 2014 appeared like the Star of Bethlehem over the Manger.  It seemed to be keeping the place warm in the winter.”

Robert Robinson in Concert by Sue Orsen.  “On Tuesday evening, December 9th,  we were on our way to Christmas.  Without saying a word, Mr. Robinson and the Spirit of Christmas had the audience at St. Victoria quietly singing Silent Night with him.”

Days of Frigidity and Freezedness in Victoria by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  “Those howling and blowing January winds blew in from west of Waconia and kicked every Victoria kid outdoors into the howling and blowing winds.”