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A Privilege to Know Him  by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent.  “The world lost another good man a few weeks ago.  Fellow columnist, choir bass, and all around good guy, Thomas Derr took his leave of us mortals and headed off to his reward.”

At the Ending of 2013  by Chuck Freiberg, Up North Cabin Guy.  “The end of December 2013 was marked with sadness by the passing of a good friend, Thom Derr.  Thom wrote the biker stories for the Gazette.”

Goodbye, Meterodome  by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  “This February the Metrodome will be torn down.  It opened in April of 1982, so it ha a run of over 30 years.  That’s pretty amazing considering that it was a pretty brutal facility.”

This is Real Change  by Pastor Maureen Bonner, Biblical Consultant.  “The question for this month is very fitting since we are once again moving into a new year.  Do you believe in New Year’s Resolutions?”

The Season to Give  by Brandon Wilson, Victoria student at Hamline University.  “It remains a good time to spread cheer to those in need.  Feed My Starving Children is a great and generous way to give to others who are less fortunate.”

More Recipes  by Sue Orsen.  “More recipes from St. Victoria choir members trickled in after the December paper went to press.  I can’t imagine keeping them to myself so here they are.”

Thoma Allen Derr, 75 died Sunday, December 15th.  “Thom will be very much missed by his family and friends, especially members of the Adult Choir at St. Victoria, Christian Motorcyclists, his prison ministry, and the Victoria Gazette for which he wrote a monthly column entitled ‘One Biker’s Perspective.’”

One Biker’s Perspective  by Thom Derr, first column in March of 1999.  “The Gazette seems to lack any input from the biker community.  I hope you find this view refreshing — as in fresh flowers, not fresh manure.”

One Editor’s Perspective  by Sue Orsen, 2014.  “Neither Thom nor I were hesitant to give our perspective, our opinion, on anything and so it wasn’t difficult for us to fill the air.  When Thom laughed, his eyes totally disappeared and there’d be tears.”

Moving to a Castle in the Land of the Loch Ness Monster  by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  “Through a wonderful perk of a perk sabbatical, I get a perk of moving to Scotland and living and teaching in a castle from January to May 2014.  I sure hope to keep in touch with you folks across the pond as my wife Jodene and I sample the United Kingdom and all parts Scotland.”

Putting a Ribbon on the Wrap  by Sue Orsen/The Victoria Gazette.  “It seems to have happened in 2013 that Victoria became a city of full-blown events.  You might say that Victoria became a destination in 2013.”  Click on Front Page.

A Cold Caroling Christmas in Downtown Victoria  by Sue Orsen.  “Victoria and much of Minnesota was in the middle of a very deep Deep Freeze on Saturday, December 7th, the day to celebrate Christmas in downtown Victoria.”

Future Looks Bright in Victoria  by Sue Orsen.  “Thank you, Mayor Tom O’Connor, for taking time during these busy holidays to answer questions from the Gazette.  What were for you a couple or so city highlights or accomplishments in 2013?”

Watershed Jogs the 2013 Memory  from the MCWD.  “The weather outside may make it difficult to imagine swimming on a hot summer day, or fishing on a cool evening, or relaxing on the banks of a babbling stream.”

Improve, Adapt, and Overcome  by Randy Maluchnik, Carver County Commissioner.  “This unofficial mantra of the Marine Corps was made famous by Clint Eastwood’s portrayal as Gunny Hiway in the 1982 movie ‘Heartbreak Ridge.’”

John Wurdeman, 85 died Saturday, December 7th.

Noah Birr, 24  died Saturday, December 7th.

Hattie Bell, 100 died Tuesday, December 17th.

30 Years Ago  the Gazette featured Hilda Wartman in “Turning the Pages of Time.”

20 Years Ago the Gazette featured Ken and Sonja Huber in “Reflections on Schutz Lake.”

10 Years Ago the Gazette featured a recap of 2003 in “Tying It All Together.”

Remember When Pastor Frank Jones and Pastor Bob Johnson were always clowning around after the annual Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service in Victoria?  That service unfortunately only disappeared in recent times.

Remember When Father Bob White did his own reading, writing, and cooking?  It was 1996 when he arrived at St. Victoria.

Remember When Marlene Speltz was Director of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce?  When Cowboy Tom Sumpf wore a full beard that looked like a patchwork quil?  When Pastor Arnold Lemke took care of Faith Lutheran Church in Victoria?  When Ethel Ausink’s Senior Citizens Column was seldom about senior citizens?  When Fireman Tom Walsh served as the longtime secretary of the Victoria Fire Department?  When Postmaster Barb Hoffman didn’t need all those little helpers in the Victoria Post Office?

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